Declaring that ‘I will not yield to the vaulting ambitions of a power-crazy gang of amateurs-none of whom has run anything-not even a bingo’, charged that there was an FLP ploy to destroy the chiefly system. Coz dad was in the castle. What is needed, as a first step is perhaps the re-appointment of the President to begin negotiations with the Commodore? As an indigenous Fijian myself, I find Mr Khaiyum’s thesis absolutely correct on almost all points. The colonial Parliament changed its name from Legislative Council to House of Representatives with an appendix, the Senate but its whole racial foundation and electoral system remained the same, as did the education and public health system, the Council of Chiefs, and the army and bureaucracy.

These people were the first to rebel against the colonial order, ‘believing that it implied also domination by eastern chiefs who had signed the Deed of Cession’. Another crucial intermediary between the Taukei Movement and the military, the Rev Tomasi Raikivi, provided his house in Suva as a centre for overall planning. Spate had reminded us in , ‘The functions of the chief as a real leader lost much of their point with the suppression of warfare and the introduction of machinery to settle land disputes, but constant emphasis seems to have led to an abstract loyalty in vacuous, to leaders who have nowhere to lead to in the old terms and, having become a sheltered aristocracy, too often lack the skills or the inclination to lead on the new ways. I do not like the composition of the Great Council of Chiefs. The sudden change of Rabuka’s tune on chieftaincy can be best illustrated by quoting Jone Dakuvula. But he couldn’t do this so the only option was to bring in an outsider, someone who was not part of the clique of military officers giving unspoken support to the extremist elements lurking in the public arena.

For example, Ratu David Tonganivalu warned that the Fijian chiefs must remain a force for moderation, balance and fair play against such extremism.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum Thesis

Such divisions were then deposited in the independence Constitution to assail the cohesion and survival of the new Fijian state from its inception. He noted that in the phase of decolonization, power was transferred through virtually unchanged government institutions, to largely hand-picked heirs, the new ruling group in Fiji.


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The Constitution was something like a sellout to that very ideology. For thedis again, it is the traditional chiefs who are being called upon to decide the fate of the Fijians and non-Fijians alike: It has hegemony over the Constitution.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Sayed Khaiyum’s Final Solution thesis: read it for yourself

We have made a tragic mistake in India in raising up a few to inordinate heights of suitable education and thus divorcing them thesjs usefulness to the Commonwealth. But we also believe that a system of modern democracy is one which is quite separate from it.

Ratu Mara, who thought Rabuka was an ‘angry young man, speaking off the cuff in any instigation’, also faced Rabuka’s wrath.

The Alliance however blamed the Fijian Nationalist Party for the sorry state of affairs.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

There was some animosity by some senior military officers about this and they were backed by those extremist politicians. You are wrong on all assumptions.

Inon losing power, he claimed that khwiyum is alive and well in Fiji’. We must now ensure a smooth transition to enable the new government to settle quickly and get on with the important task of further developing our country. Don’t insult their intelligence.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

We have to lead on two points- hold back those who advocate radical changes for which we are not sufficiently educated and enliven the laggards before their ignorance destroys us”.

The first high-profile challenge to chiefly rule came from one Apolosi Nawai [described as the Rasputin of the Pacific], who was banished to the island of Rotuma inand for portraying himself as the Messiah of the Fijian people. He asked the meeting to discuss ways in which all the chiefs in khaaiyum province could support each other.



Take that power away and give it to the commoners and you are asking for trouble. But it was a major concession to make. The reason why Mr Bainimarama was nominated to become the next Commander has been explained before by Rt Epeli sometime ago during an interview on FijiTV. The genius of the Fijian people allowed them to cede this country wiyaz remain in charge of it.

The legitimacy of chiefly rule, based on traditional norms, faced an internal challenge. Mara who recommended Epeli against the nominee Konrote to Ganilau Snr to confirm his son. The first tentative step was taken during a meeting of the Ra Provincial Council which resolved that the offices of Governor-General and Prime Minister must be reserved for Fijians and that this should be the subject of constitutional changes, a demand first voiced by Butadroka’s FNP in the s.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

But one Tevita Vakalomaloma argued five years later 2 Februaryin a letter to the Fiji Times to the contrary: Long may we so remain.

Spent focus on developments and occasions happening right before election Individuals occasions possess a direct interact with the coup. They have held back the economic, educational, and political progress of commoner Fijians.

We are the leaders of the people. He further maintained that the political nature of the crisis confronting the people of Fiji could not be discussed without a closer look at the state structure built up during the colonial period.

He named numerous provinces whose high chiefs also contested the May elections. The sudden change of Rabuka’s tune on chieftaincy can be best illustrated by quoting Jone Dakuvula.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis