Upon first approaching the ATM, the user should experience the following sequence of events: This document provides a short overview of LoadRunner s features, and includes the following sections:. Card withdraw 1 Identify Collaborations. If the user enters a valid account number and the correct PIN for that account, the screen displays the main menu. For each such word and phrase we find that plays a significant role in the ATM system, we create an attribute and assign it to one or more of the classes identified earlier. It also should contain an option to allow the user to exit the system option 4. A PIN is associated with each card to verify the authority of the user.

If the user enters an invalid account number or an incorrect PIN, the screen displays an appropriate message, then the ATM returns to Step 1 to restart the authentication process. Carefully read requirements specification or description of design goals Discuss what the system should do: Users may view their balance or transfer or withdraw money using these cards. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Object Oriented Programming Risk Management In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. How to allocate these tasks to different classes?

The brand marks on your card indicate where the card More information. The first step More information. Presentation Description No description available. Next the list the words or phrases from the requirements document that describe each class. WordPress Embed Customize Embed.


To write simple input More information. To do so, the ATM must retrieve the balance from the bank s database.

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Framework under which a software product is going to be developed. Association names are directional, as indicated by the filled arrowhead. Part 1 State the benefits of using a checking account Determine which checking account is best for you Identify More information. Collaboration Diagrams Robert C. The Direct Express card is a prepaid debit card available to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income olad recipients who wish to receive their.

Review the requirements document and identify key nouns and noun phrases to help us identify classes that comprise the ATM system. If the deposit slot receives a deposit envelope within two minutes, the ATM credits the deposit amount to the user s account in the bank s database i.

It also should contain an option to allow the user to exit the system option 4. Start display at page:.

An Example of Object-Oriented Design: An ATM Simulation

We identify some key states that our objects may occupy and discuss how objects change state in response to various events occurring in the system. Automated Banking System Case studies: Parker Copyright Cengage Learning Learning. Object Oriented Programming Risk Management In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. Risk Management Oozd V: Draw Collobaration again Update Class diagram.


Data and Function Cohesion.

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The screen displays a message reminding the user to take the money. We introduce UML class diagrams to model these classes. A use case diagram models the interactions between a system s clients and its use cases. What is a life cycle model? Know about financial documents Unit 2 Learn about managing money Instructions and answers for teachers These instructions should accompany the OCR Lesson Element Know about financial documents, which supports.

atm case study ooad

ATM screen keypad cash dispenser deposit slot account bank database balance inquiry withdrawal deposit. Classes have attributes data and operations behaviors.

In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Learning More About Load Testing Welcome to this introduction to application performance testing and the LoadRunner load testing solution.

atm case study ooad

Our requirements document describes the requirements of our ATM system in sufficient detail that you need not go through an extensive analysis stage it s been done for you.

A class can play several roles stucy the same system.

atm case study ooad

If the cash dispenser contains enough cash, the ATM proceeds to Step 5.