A constraint to this alternative is that it can be assumed that Simard does not have a management team that can communicate well, and hiring and training is costly and time consuming. Employees did not want these letters to become a permanent record, so they filed grievances with their labour union. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Sims was happy enough managing a small metal-stamping plant with another company, but the executive recruiter’s invitation to apply for the plant manager job at a leading metal fabrication company was irresistible. Failed to understand the competence level of the supervisors and their current roles and responsibilities prior to implementing the process Failed to discuss with payroll and understanding possible effects of operational decisions causing problems within other departments. It is obvious that the removal of the time clocks led to more harm than good.

The main idea behind removing the clocking system was to improve relationships between employees and management. The number of grievances doubled over six months, which required even more time for both union officials and supervisors to handle these disputes. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. What solutions can you suggest? Case Study Option 1.

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Problems and Symptoms of Problems: Did not discuss his decision with higher management, or the workers union. There were lyd any communication between Mr. Employees did not want these letters to become a permanent record, so they filed grievances with their labour union. In this process, a new relationship would be built between both parties and workplace productivity and happiness would increase.

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Part 1: Case Study 1: Ancol Pty Ltd – Organisational Behaviour

Productivity had dropped due to poorer attendance records and increased administrative workloads. With regards to the issues that occurred after the removal of the time clocks, there were many alternatives that Simard could have implemented csae would have decreased the damage done.


If he had communicated with his senior management team and employees about ancil time clocks lyd its possible consequences, perhaps he would have found a better approach. If he had done this, many of the issues would not have occurred and the factory could have taken a step forward. First and foremost, if possible, Simard should have communicated with the previous manager. The constraint to finding a holistic approach is that it takes time and the right solution may not come into fruition.

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A limited time offer! But the supervisors had no previous experience with keeping attendance records, and many lacked the necessary interpersonal skills to discuss the matter with subordinates. His belief was that, if a certain measure of trust could be built amongst employees and management, then it would create a better working environment, reduce the stress level at work, as well increase productivity amongst employees due to job satisfaction, which would lead to greater growth for the organization.

Clearly, the issue and solution heavily depends on communication around the factory. It is difficult to see any negative consequences of this alternative, as the removal of time clocks was a disastrous solution.

This symbolic gesture, he believed, would establish a new level of credibility and strengthen relations between management and employees at the site.

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There is no evidence of a productivity monitoring system for each employee, which could have also assisted in reporting any misuse.

Simard would then ensure that the new management has the appropriate skills to effectively communicate with the employees and him to create a more accountable working environment.

Throughout this time, Simard should have conducted research into the consequences of the ltdd of all time clocks and would refrain from doing so.

In your opinion, what caused these problems and whose responsibility is it to solve them? Although, this was a positive intention from Mr. At the onset of his work term, Simard should have sought to understand why there was a rift between the employees and management.


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There should also be examples made of the employees who have misused their liberty by either termination or suspension. During lunch, Sims described the time clock incident to Liam Wu, Ancol’s plant manager in Christchurch. This led to an uneducated and rash decision to order the removal of time clocks from the factory that led to negative consequences. This was an lts issue that Simard should have seen; having a management team that did not think the decision to remove the time clocks was rash or unwise should have been a signal.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Simard should have conversed with the employees to learn about the existing management and terminate the supervisors who are not fit to lead. Simard could have hired new supervisors or implemented a incentive based system but ultimately, this would have been avoided through more careful analysis and planning and therefore these lttd be rejected.

case study ancol ltd

Nine months after removing the time clocks, Paul Sims met with union officials, who agreed that it would be better to put the time clocks back in. What are the background facts, problems and symptoms of the problems that suggest that something has gone wrong?

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Sims asked supervisors to cxse and record when the employees came or went and to discuss attendance problems with those abusing their privileges. Two months later, however, problems started to appear.

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