We also might have an exam on in class. The suggested textbooks are 1 Guillemin-Pollack, Differential Topology 2 Spivak, Calculus on manifolds 3 Lee, Introduction to smooth manifolds 4 Milnor, Topology from a differential viewpoint see also Milnor videos We will use primarily 1 and 2. Differential topology, Math Do all the exercises from part 2 and the first 6 exercises from part 3 of the lecture notes on differential forms. Page 62, problems 1, 2, 6, 7, 8. Problems 2,7,10 Pages

These are optional and informal. Note that the final exam is due on Page 74, problems 1, 16, 17, 18 Page 82, problems 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, We also might have an exam on in class. Ragged margins, multi-column and otherwise over-dense formats, and unstapled sheets are unacceptable. On problem 8 , either prove part e of the theorem or make sure you understand the proof in the book, since we did not do this part in class. October 23, in class.

Problems 2,5,9,10, Extra Credit: We will have a Homework discussion at my house on February 12, in class. I’ll update them again I suspect.

Math Differential Geometry | David Shea Vela-Vick

I might need to add more problems on regular values. Turn homework in my mail box located in Math labeled with my last name. Write a 1-paragraph description of what you intend to write your term paper about.


First semester compiled notes, with table of contents. Come by my office if you have any questions on the material. All exercises are in the textbook.

October 9, in class.

Differentiable Manifolds

Problem 3,10,11,18 Page Tuesday, June 5th, 8amam, in Eckhart The trolley Bus 23 drops off 5 blocks from my house. Manifolds, tangent spaces, derivative, inverse function theorem, submersions, immersions, transversality, Preimage Theorem, homotopy, stability, Sard’s Theorem, Morse functions, Whitney Embedding Theorem, tangent bundle, manifolds with boundary, intersection theory mod 2, oriented manifolds, oriented intersection theory, degree of a map, Brouwer Degree Theorem, vector fields, vector fields on spheres, Euler characteristic, Poincare-Hopf Index Theorem, Gauss map, exterior algebra, differential forms, exterior derivative, Stoke’s theorem, cohomology, Thom’s cobordism ring, and genera.

Homework 11 due Friday, April The final grade will be obtained from possibly rescaling the quantity. This page is always under construction, so you should check it regularly. Due on Thursdays in Class. Term exam 1 November 18 2hrs duration.

differential topology guillemin homework solutions

Assignments with the word homework in bold face are set in stone. If you tend to scratch out or erase incorrect parts of solutions, do a rough draft or type your homework. Problems 2,3,4,5,12,13,14,16,17 Pages These are optional and informal. We will decide on Thursday in class.


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Dec 4, however I will accept homework until Dec. Omar Antolin Camarena omar.

Math 7550: Differential Geometry

Page 32, 5, 7, 10 Page 38, 7, 8, 9, Note that there are some typos on problem In addition, students with disabilities should also contact the Office of Disability Services. Problems 6 Pages Problems 6,10 no need to do 8,9 Page If you know that there is an impending religious holiday, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to submit topologu early.

Friday pm sooutions BA starting September Classroom changed to allow for higher class enrollment.

differential topology guillemin homework solutions