Log in Privacy Policy To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. The results are in good agreement with those obtained using field theory. The thesis is comprised of seven chapters. Catalysis research underpins the science of modern chemical processing and fuel technologies. These systems were expected to undergo thermal rearrangement to give furanones and spirofuranones. Surface defect properties of the catalyst. Items in Dyuthi are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated.

These furanone derivatives have immense potential for further investigations. Summary and Conclusion of the study is presented in Chapter 7, followed by References and Appendices. Accountability of Corporate Managers: Biochemical, Molecular and Functional Characterization. Numerical results are presented for a circular array with 32 hydrophones and 12 hydrophones in each sector. The present thesis concentrates largely on sound radiation from floating structure due to moving load. Melanin from Streptomyces bikiniensis was proved to be a promising antioxidant and photoprotectant.

dyuthi phd thesis

The software helps in detecting possible plagiarism in a document and generates a report showing similarities with other documents. Preparation method of catalystsurface area and nature of heat treatment. Ablueprint thesos export development of Kerala.

Acid-Base, Surface electron donating and catalytic theis of binary oxides of Zr with rare earth elements. Many of these investigations remain isolated and further research is needed to bridge the gap in the present knowledge of the field.

Acoustic radiation and scattering from cylindrical bodies and analysis of thessi arrays. The interior pressure is expressed as the sum of the pressures due to all rays that pass through a point. Streptomyces was found to be the dominant group followed by Nocardiopsis. Contact Us Send Feedback. The development of altemative strategies for the preparation tjesis these heterocycles is therefore of considerable importance or continues to be a challenge.


Chapter 1 gives a general introduction to marine actinomycetes; Chapter 2 gives an account on the morphological, biochemical and physiological characterization of marine actinomycetes.

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What do you think? Biochemical, Molecular and Functional Dyuhi. Don’t have an account? The universities disclosed data on plagiarism check, done from the academic yearin response to a Right to Information RTI application filed by The Hindu.


The present thesis concentrates largely on sound radiation from floating structure due to moving load Description: Thermodynamic stability of the catalyst and the reactant. Electronic and semiconducting properties and the band structure.

dyuthi phd thesis

Molecular structure of the reactants. Anu Pavithran, V; Dr. The problem is of interest because cylindrical arrays of projectors are often used to search for underwater objects. Follow us Facebook Twitter. Now showing items of Next Page. We also explored the possibility of developing a new and general approach to the synthesis of 3 2H -furanones from simple and readily available starting materials since such general procedures are not available.


dyuthi phd thesis

Our aim was to study the nature of intermediates involved in these transformations. Mohanan, V V; Dr. Chapter 5 explores the melanin production ability of marine actinomycetes, characterization of melanin and evaluation of its bioactivity. In-spite of the phenomenal increase since independence in the number of institutions imparting education and the number of beneficiaries, India being the second largest nation in terms of population of the young finds its resources spread thin in meeting the demand for education.

Catalysis is commercially one of the most important technologies in national economies. The directional responses are compared with the output from an array in an infinite homogenous fluid.

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In the third problem, a high-frequency ray-acoustics method is presented and used to determine the interior pressure field when a plane wave is normally incident on a fluid cylinder embedded in another infinite fluid. Marine actinomycetes were found to be a good source of hydrolytic enzymes and the chitinolytic isolates could be explored as biocontrol agents in terms of antifungal and insecticidal property.

Taken together, these unleash grave demands on formulating equitable standards. Such correlations help dyuthii narrow down the search for a good catalyst for a given reaction.