Connections — Volume 1. However, a major, and frankly, the most realistic solution to this wicked problem is the scrapping of the project all together. Some of the key concerns include: That ban was officially passed through the House of Commons in May This is a grey literature, and it mainly describes how the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project will pose threats to downstream communities and fisheries. In the past few years, that discussion focused on the Enbridge North Portal:

Canada Energy Research Institute. Read his case study on the multi-faceted communications work they do for Enbridge Northern Gateway. Is the Solution Realistic? Hospita Essay Writing Service Sample: The primary benefactors of this solution are the natives of pipeline land including First Nations and citizens of pipeline route communities. It tells the public how close we are near the pipeline incidents.

This reference is useful because it provides insights into how the pipeline constructions and oil spill may threaten fisheries and downstream communities. However, a major, and frankly, the most realistic solution to this wicked problem is the scrapping of the project all together.

Case Study: Northern Gateway Pipeline | Student Research on Environment and Sustainability Issues

On June 17 th the Canadian federal government which was then a Conservative majority approved the pipeline project with conditions. However, the risk model only use the highest water flow rate to estimate oil flow, while it ignored some other important factors such as water temperature, shoreline vegetation characteristics and stream patterns, which may reduce the accuracy of the model.

I am convinced that Mr. Always a pleasure to read you. Alternatives Journal, 38 3 The pressures in the current economic environment require companies to be constantly looking at reinventing themselves. Anti-Gateway comic gathering steam. The article will explore these questions:. Further beneficiaries include environmentalists, coastal fishing communities around Kitimat B.


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Involving multiple stakeholders to build consensus is exactly what Canada needs. But will they miss the clean tech boom shift because of their love affair with the oil sands? Overview of Enbridge Pkpeline Gateway Pipeline company Enbridge filed its application to build the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines inprompting the establishment of a Joint Review Panel by the federal government. Each group has their own auditors to make sure that the other guys are doing it right.

This source is a private report written by an economist living in Whistler, BC that was submitted to the National Energy Board review panel. This tells me that the company is doing well, despite a corporate environment that calls for growth as a means of survival.

His use of power to quell dissenting voices and suppress scientific information is making enemies from coast-to-coast. To get an idea of the scale, take a look at the pipeline map below.

sssay Write My Essay Sample: This is the only way tar sands pass the export market on the Pacific coast. Enbridge has reached near its limit of providing oil to its current North American market.

Our once peaceful country is rife with anger and resentment. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Enbridge needs to expand to the B.

The problem is hard to solve since there remain several issues regarding the pipelkne. I am simply using the numbers from this article in terms of comparison and will not base my arguments off it.


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However, the article has the weakness that the enbrideg provides few data or physical evidence to show how significantly the fisheries and the communities will be affected. Still, after 10 years on the table Enbridge signed a deal with PetroChina more than a decade agoEnbridge has no firm shipping agreements with oil producers and is widely believed to be dead in the water.

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Up to oil tankers a year would navigate the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest to export the enbrudge bitumen to foreign markets. Their declaration states that they will not allow the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines or any projects associated with the tar sands to cross their land.

Case Study: Northern Gateway Pipeline

Canada is in conflict. The fishing industry followed with the Marine Stewardship Council. Furthermore, the project will cross rivers, including the headwaters of three of the most important watersheds- Mackenzie, Fraser, and Skeena- threatening local economies depending on fisheries and forests.

The values are calculated by taking a baseline impact from prior research and further examining the impact of a spill on several local industries. Then the loaded super tanker will cross the state’s extinct coastal waters – next to the princess and pipelien Griver Islands.

Why not an Oil Stewardship Council with environmental and social standards that could be the basis of independently certified crude oil?