If you need help, you can always contact our support team. The original open access content can be found here. Posted on 11 March latex research PhD thesis. Each chapter gets its own folder in there. If you used git, you shouldn’t need this guide.

It has helped a lot in submitting my paper. The title and content of the doctoral thesis may not be altered once they have been approved by the Department Conference. I do not have to look up guidelines, I can just write my draft and be ready to submit. A frontbackmatter folder storing various tex files for the front and back matter. This is a brief changelog, mainly intended for people already using the template since a certain version so they can “upgrade” the layout manually without losing their content.

To register for the examination at the Doctoral Administration Office, you will need: Besides LaTeX there are a few essential tools and packages that I appreciated when writing up my thesis.

In most cases, the pre-print version original manuscript prior to review may be used without any problems. With Typeset, I can draft my manuscripts and once it is finished I can just submit. In case, I have to submit to another journal it is really just a button click instead of an afternoon of reformatting.

With a POD service you can choose from many formats and covers and can easily print the thesis in several batches in case your thesis turns out to be really popular. Verifed journal formats One editor, K journal formats.

Plus, it’s quite inexpensive. We’ll soon release a desktop version. When it comes to archiving doctoral theses, making them available to lend, and reusing either the printed or the electronic version, the ETH-Bibliothek requires the above points to be considered and clarified in advance Publishing in the Research Collection.


CADMO, Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zürich

As a second step, I would modify all the labels and citations to obey your style guides and move all the references into a dedicated references. This has no effect on the actual layout, but makes some “Overfull hbox” warnings go away. There’s also a Makefile if you know what that is. Most publishers will not allow further ltex of the final version or the published article unless you pay compensation for the rights in question, as in the case of a special edition.

Pre-prints as being the version of the paper before peer review and Post-prints as being the version of the paper after peer-review, with revisions having been ehhz. I’m sure you’ll find our features very helpful.

Once the electronic version of the doctoral thesis has been delivered, ETH Zurich has the right to make it available to the public and process it for archiving purposes, except in the case of a written declaration by the candidate stating otherwise a waiver or conflicting rights of third parties Art.

You can register for the examination in person at the Doctoral Administration Office or by post.

ethz latex thesis template

One little Google search can get you the Word template for any journal. For the directory structure I followed largely what the classicthesis etyz suggests: You can find the request box in the Journal Gallery on the right sidebar under the heading, “Couldn’t find the format you were looking for?


I need to reformat my research paper to this journal’s format Easy support from all your favorite tools Automatically format and order your citations and bibliography in a click. Videoconferencing at doctoral examinations The minimum number of persons from the Examination Committee obliged to be physically present at any doctoral examination are the chairperson, the examiner and at least one co-examiner.

ETH Zürich ASL Thesis Template

Get started tgesis a free account. Next steps To use it, proceed as follows: I have my manuscript written in MS Word, can I use that? Time taken to format a paper and Compliance with guidelines.

If you want a color print of your thesis it however gets quite expensive, as there is no option to only print individual pages in color. Posted on 11 March latex research PhD thesis.

ethz latex thesis template

Other members of the Examination Committee do not necessarily have to travel specially to attend the examination. You can request any template and we’ll have it up and running within a matter of thssis working days. Printing the thesis through the university is probably the easiest and cheapest solution.

For copyright reasons, paragraphs, images, charts, etc. Instead — for the sake of the environment as well as for their convenience — they can participate via videoconferencing.