FCPS cannot control or censor all illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive material that may be available through access to the Internet. Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Please keep both updated; notify the school in writing of any changes during the school year. The oral report must be made as soon as reasonably possible. School Cash Online The way to pay for field trips, sports fees, spirit wear and more, School Cash Online is convenient, safe, time saving and no more costly than paying with cash or check. Parents or eligible students may inspect, upon request and before the administration or use of, instruments used to collect personal information from students for marketing, sales or other distribution purposes, and instructional materials used as part of the educational curriculum.

For details, please see our Transportation section. Use of Internet access in Frederick County public schools is limited to school-related academic activities, and staff members are responsible to ensure appropriate training and supervision of students. The Board of Education prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in its educational program, activities or employment as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of , and recognizes sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination. Possession of any firearm or other weapon by a student on school property, including in vehicles parked on school property, is strictly forbidden. Occasionally, inclement weather or other safety or health conditions require us to close or delay all or some schools.

Using Athletic Fields and Schools after Hours FCPS encourages public use of school facilities when they are not in use for the primary purpose of educating students. Many schools rely on the expertise of volunteers for computer assistance.

Jeck noted that there is a great deal of empirical data regarding the value of homework. At the middle and high school levels, schools must notify only those parents, guardians or staff who have requested notification.


Any violation of Board policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action against an offender up to and including suspension or termination of employment.

In either case, upon written request and honework a reasonable charge, parents may also receive copies to hand carry to the new school. Visits by students to prospective colleges are excused up to four days per year.

fcps homework policy

Browse the Special Education Parent Resources. Title Poliy of the Educational Amendments of prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in educational programs or activities receiving federal funds and requires equal opportunity in admissions, athletics, counseling, access to courses, and employment policies regarding marital or parental status of students and treatment of students.

Guidelines for distributing and posting materials in schools are in Regulation Forms Find athletics, transportation, medication, bullying, and other commonly used forms here.

fcps homework policy

Offenders face homeworj penalties and severe personnel consequences up to and including termination. Religious expression in a public school environment is governed by the U.

General Info for Parents

Use of Internet access in Frederick County public schools is limited to school-related academic activities, and staff members are responsible to ensure appropriate training and supervision of students. Discipline The FCPS discipline philosophy is based on the goals of fostering, teaching and acknowledging positive behavior. A note stating poolicy reason for absence or lateness is required upon students’ return, or the absence is automatically classified as unlawful until an approved note is provided.

FCPS is dedicated to assisting students and staff in creating a digital-learning environment. A comprehensive approach that includes students and parents has the most promise in reducing bullying.

fcps homework policy

Major Warner, associate superintendent for instruction, presented a regulation to the Fauquier County School Board ho,ework its June 13 meeting that will lay a firm foundation for what homework should look like for FCPS students in the coming school year and beyond. Staff reserves the right to revoke privileges associated with this use.

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Student records are accumulated and maintained by teachers and other school officials who have a legitimate professional interest in student educational records as determined by FCPS and in accordance with federal regulation, state law and Board policy and FCPS regulation. Details of the specific protections afforded to parents and students are online at www.


Schools must be safe, provide an optimal environment for achievement and be free from violence. FCPS utilizes staff training, IPM inspection, and sanitation practices to minimize or eliminate the need for pesticide use.

Nor can students be denied admission to programs based on inability to pay. Look-alike weapons are also prohibited.

The school needs your child’s updated Student Information Card to reach you anytime there is an emergency, question or concern. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow FCPS to include this type of information homewwork student records in certain school publications.

A note from a doctor, dentist, court official or counselor may be required for all absences beyond 10 days. FCPS will not give “blanket” approvals for agencies to distribute or post multiple items throughout the year; separate requests must be submitted for each item.

In addition, a principal or assistant principal may make a search of the physical plant of the school including the fccps of students. The homework that we assign to students should match these principles.

New Homework Regulation Now in Effect for FCPS Students

The student may be required to complete an appropriate rehabilitation program. Graduation Requirements Find information on graduation requirements and graduation dates here. With a few exceptions, elementary schools start at 9 a. Middle and high school students may have independent, non-monitored access to the Internet if they obtain written parental permission. Students who were absent from school have the responsibility to request make-up work within two days of their return.