One proposal to improve the evaluation system: I could barely believe it, but several of my papers were accepted to arxiv without an endorser.. Here are 3 quick suggestions for which fundamental assumptions are holding physics back. Thus, I would argue that in spite of the weird stuff that appears frequently at viXra. There were essays that were placed either much lower or much higher in the results than they deserved.

A cut slices through the continuum of events to define a pre-geometry of representation, like the canvas of a painter, or the material of a sculpture. I just said they are well known for it. If someone can make interesting and original points along those lines they might get some votes, but I cannot imagine it myself. December 10, at 8: If, for example, we limit us to time and one space dimension, then the essential physics is expressed by simplest rules of quantum mechanics and special relativity. So we head into a confrontation:

However I have the feeling that A: December 10, at 4: Then compare arxiv-only authors to vixra-only authors in the FQXi contest. Well, then maybe we only can present questions?

Gora Gorovich on Who should get the Nobel Prize…. I can appreciate your surprise: January 18, at 3: Eight of the eleven are in the eszay half so it would make the viXra results look a little worse although only one is in 22012 top bin.

Questioning the Foundations: 4th FQXi Essay Contest | viXra log

There are 4 main interpretations of quantum theory: July 11, at 7: They may not be good but they could be of a similar standard to the authors who submit papers to arXiv. This entry was posted on Friday, May 25th, at 1: Divisibility of space by atoms is also a complex topic, we can read of it in Galileo.


This is why I consider many these theories junk. The new contest is difficult because it is omni-extensive, and 9 pages to explain your point of view is not much, but that gives you only the rule to be to the point without too much blabla.

I could barely believe it, but several esssy my papers were accepted to arxiv without an endorser.

January 8, at 2: If one applies the proper amount of course-graining they can view the state of the Universe at any given time as a temporal equilibrium between competing causalities: Orwin, thanks fxqi the arxiv vertex operator paper I will review it carefully. You deserve it more than anyone else since—as you often point out—you are smarter than Ed Witten.

Robert Spekkens wins first prize in FQXi essay contest | Perimeter Institute

Taking blackholes as something given without a slightest experimental indication that their interiors are what they are believed to be looks also strange to me.

Fortunately after 30 years of hiding in the closet, I had the good fortune to go for the raw cash and thus be temporarily freed from approval of that vast horde of thoroughly over-trained and brain-damaged physicists that submit to both arXiv and Vixra and people the halls of the Perimeter Institute.

January 26, at 5: Guts force to give up separate conservation of B and L but not a slightest experimental evidence has emerged for the decay of proton.

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These are the things that Ramanujan studied long ago when inventing mock modular forms — at the very heart of modern motivic mathematics. It is linked to the arrow of time which emerges as an aspect of thermodynamics.


Fqxi essay contest 2012

This is the time for something to happen, so people charge in all directions and trip over each other. It is not because there is a more comprehensive model that is right under our noses.

fqxi essay contest 2012

Okay Phil, I read your paper and found it serendipitous. December 10, at essa Yours an interesting comment of which my recent posts I quite imagine you will find most interesting for example I mention the various alternative cosmologies such as the comment in these pages of a world of the vast string theory landscape at each sub space such a vast landscape and so on… It is highly symbolic.

A thorough conceptual housecleaning is needed. In any case, can you give me an example of a paper from anywhere in the last 13 years that convincingly solved an outstanding problem of contemporary theoretical physics?

It does not cover what actually are the properties of branes in singularities. It is the cumulative distribution function of a random variable which is almost surely 0. Talented guy no doubt, but why do amateurs believe that they can compete on the same level as young professionals just out of grad school?

What fqzi not deterministic is the outcome one obtains in a measurement.