We each have a concept. To be honest, this is my first time here. Try it out on your face. Yes, it’s fine with us. Translation snjeung Episode 2 Part 4 When you’re promoting something, your face is important, but dont these people look a bit too unique?

Yes, I’m not embarrassed wearing them. The caller was asking if Gian84 was available but they just hung up. Hey, come by 7pm. Though I rarely go to the singing room – less than once or twice a year, if I once go there, I thoroughly sing songs and enjoy it. No, I think it’s a good thing you didn’t come. It looks like it was. But we will probably need just two members.

He didn’t pick up when I called.

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Move that table away and let’s start organizing this up. Hold her waist like this.

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I’m in charge of the elegance. Then what do you think about my personality? Gcse textiles coursework customer profile. I have planned it to be in a video form. Vice versa, we can also back fire saying that you’re not a person for this company. I’m the vintage old fashioned style.


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Research paper on owning your own business. The day of the PT with the chief editor.

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All of a sudden, SNSD’s “Gee” will begin playing in the background and three of the men will begin dancing to the pntip.

Translation snjeung Episode 2 Part 1 It was obvious that he was tensed up. Yes hello, this is Mental Breakdown. What could be the reason as to why they have come here?

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Also after you draw it, if you could autograph it Then what else uomework I? We’re a rental company for the Korean traditional outfit.

Fashionista Ga-In and her employees’ overflowing charisma and strong facial expressions. Ah, that’s a relief. You shouldn’t talk back to me like that.

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I will absolutely not accept this. It seems like the chief editor always wears dark, red lipstick. It looks like it was. We each have a concept. I really don’t know what to do The editor appears before the MB employees. I want you guys to come up with a performance or an event to let them know that we will be launching a men’s style magazine. I must have looked like that sort of image to you, huh?


Your skin is very good.

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With fashionable print that may be the trend this summer and contrasting colors, it gives off a resort-look. So I have punished them, telling them that they do need to focus on having a “polished style”.

Then do you know how to dance and act for it?