The CMD Dean makes the final decision. Please be aware of Lex Daniel: There is no upper limit on the number of advisors you are allowed to have. Send an e-mail to Cmd. Hence, important that you give priority to this early. However, that does not stop you from being co-author on an infinite number of manuscripts not directly being a part of your thesis.

You will usually end up with more than one advisor. Read Rejection improves eventual impact of manuscripts. If you are in a country with good Internet infrastructure then we use BlueJeans sending both audio and video. There are three main pathways to get a relation with an advisor: Have a look at the Honours program!

honours thesis jcu

The requirement is that you must do the bulk of the work in the project. The total maximum allowed leave is 12 months.

Not being enrolled means that your ethics approval given under the condition that you are an Honours students is not valid and you are breaking the law. There are two pitfalls more common than others. Allow concurrent enrolment with DS Approach researchers you know are involved in research with a topic similar to your interest.

JCU CMD – The Honours program | James Cook University

The bulk of the learning consists of doing research under supervision. To find this click Search in the menu to the left. Information specific for advisors are found on a separate web-page for advisors of Honours students. For any question regarding the enrollment process please contact the Student Enrollment team.


JCU CMD – The Honours program | James Cook University

When you ring and discuss fees ensure you clearly explain the time course of the Honours program you aim to enroll in related to the time course of your MBBS studies. We encourage presenting data on scientific conferences.

honours thesis jcu

Money granted in the pre-Honours application may not be used for the allocated purpose and this can later be used for a conference instead.

We intend to listen carefully to the students perspective.

honours thesis jcu

The formal enrollment procedure once you decided honoours apply is as follows: For due dates look at the bottom of page informing about the Honours program. Full text screening to decide what publications to include. We intend to listen carefully to the students perspective.

That table will tell you important steps and dates.

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An acknowledgement clearly stating the contribution from others is a requirement when finally submitting the thesis. These instructions are saved in a format file specific to that journal. You will be notified of a decision by e-mail in late December or early January Dates are different if you aim for the one year yonours time Medical Science Honours. Having this motivation seems to be more important than if you got a C, D or an HD in your previous year.

Having one or three advisors should only occur during special circumstances. If special skills are needed does your advisor expect you to master them directly or will they take hnours to teach you this. Ensure that these issues are thsis out before you decide to go ahead with a specific project. If this is the case please send an e-mail to the Honours program coordinator explaining your situation.


Jdu Creditor form and Payment request can be found if you click on Honours resource kit. First await the outcome of your pre-Honours application so you know if your application was accepted or not. We recommend that you also start using a log book.

The advisors should suggest one assessor.

Do you want to engage in research? The reason for this is to ensure you can continue your studies in case the pre-Honours application is not approved. You can get help if you ask for it.

If the editor wants a revised versions submit that. You can apply for a leave when you are between MD and MD The MBBS Honours program aims to allow academic high-achievers to learn about research and undertake research later in their professional career.