Once finished, move onto the Higher Maths Exam Questions in the section below checking your answers as you go. Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to all 40 questions below available in the Online Study Pack. Exam Questions 61 – As well as students studying Higher Mathematics, the resources will benefit young adults studying A-Level Mathematics and undergraduates who need a little extra help. Objective Question Bank More than questions from throughout the course. Join our mailing list.

Sheet B – 10 Questions. These materials are all provided with solutions. Practice Test 2 No Solns. Your feedback and suggestions about the products offered by HSN extra would be greatly appreciated. Particular benefit will be to students who are looking to go to College or University and are therefore required to pass in order to gain entry onto the course of their choice. Ready-made exercises for quick and easy use, plus the freedom to make your own exercises using Quest.

Try to do as many questions as possible, checking your answers as you go. Questions and answers have been split up by topic for ease of reference.

Exam Questions 1 – Sheet D – 10 Questions.

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Exam Questions 41 – For any questions, please e-mail us at the address below. Please try to use these regularly for revision prior to tests, prelims and the final exam. Covers the whole of the Higher Maths course. About us This fantastic Maths resource was set up by a practicing secondary high school maths teacher.


hsn higher maths homework

The site was created by two Secondary School students, and over the past two years it has become increasingly popular with students and teachers alike.

Already used in dozens of schools. Includes more than past SQA Higher questions, nsn permission. Practice Test 2 No Solns.

Higher Maths Text Book Solutions 9. Sheet C – 10 Questions. Exam Questions 61 – These may prove extremely useful allowing students to progress their knowledge. Whole Booklet for Printing. Subscribing to the Online Study Pack may therefore be one of your best ever investments.

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Paper 1Paper 2. Sheet B – 10 Questions.

Detailed solutions uomework past papers An extensive catalogue of solutions to Higher and Advanced Higher papers Can be downloaded, printed and copied for use in the registered department Are handwrittento display good practice in the layout of answers Alternative methods are provided where appropriate Specially formatted notes New versions of our free Higher Maths notes, designed for teaching Interactive whiteboard files containing all the examples, so the teacher can work through the solutions Solutions blanked out on a set of notes, so pupils can complete them Your feedback and suggestions about the products offered by HSN extra would be greatly appreciated.


Please note there may be the odd silly arithmetic error. There are two for each Unit, so one might be issued as homework, and the other set as a class test. Whole Booklet for Printing Answers Included.

Thanks to the SQA for making these available. These materials higherr all provided with solutions. There are currently free, downloadable notes for nine courses on the site.

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There are also areas for revision tips, university and careers advice, plus a section for members to chat about anything they like. Objective Question Bank More than questions from throughout the course. In the same way that HSN. Handwritten solutions for all questions. HSN extra offers a range of new materials for Higher Maths.

hsn higher maths homework

Sheet A – 10 Questions. Exam Questions 21 – Higher Maths Exam Questions by Topic 8. Schools can get the Online Study Pack also.