Superior lingual foramina are located above genial tubercle 2 Stochastic effects Probability of effect occurrence as result from radiation dose regardless the specific threshold of dose 1 xvii Acknowledgements I have been honored to be supervised by Dr. Cone beam computed tomography: Some studies have attempted to establish several anatomical landmarks for assessment of clinical image quality. Image noise is a pervasive problem in medical imaging. Buccal plate thickness of tooth 41 apically, a 2 mA, b 2. Accuracy and reliability of buccal bone height and thickness measurements from cone-beam computed tomography imaging. The scans were taken at different radiation exposure parameters, the peak kilovoltage kVp and the milliampere mA.

However, the tracing of the landmark continuously in any plane was impossible at all settings. This would highlight the limitations of the obtained clinical image quality. Four orthodontic examiners diagnosed and created treatment plans for 38 consecutively selected orthodontic patients using conventional orthodontic records photos, panoramic and lateral cephalometric radiographs and CBCT images. Mandibular landmark assessment at different kVp CBCT or other cross-sectional modalities are not indicated for initial assessment. ICRP , recommended for tissue weighting factors in head and neck region Japanese American Incarceration Images,


The presence of pathology usually requires high resolution to examine the details. Inferior foramina located below genial tubercle 2 kVp The maximum voltage applied across the electrodes of an x-ray tube during exposure 1 Lateral interalveolar foramina Foramina located between the mandibular lateral incisor and canine 2 Medial interalveolar foramina Foramina located between the mandibular libfary and lateral incisors 2 Superior lingual foramina Foramina located at posterior side of symphysis.


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The use of the titanium inserts has direct applicability to clinical scenarios as it replicates the presence of highly absorbing objects such as implants or metal crowns.

Radiochromic film was also employed to measure the axial dose profiles.

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Mandibular landmarks assessment at different mA In implant treatment planning the resolution is ilbrary required to be high to diesertation the diagnosis and treatment planning.

The 85 kVp was selected as the optimal kVp as it is the lowest possible kVp that worked for the maxillary and mandibular landmarks. The anatomical landmarks of the maxilla had good quality at all different kVp settings. Using geometric morphometric techniques, size and shape information was distilled from the landmark data.

Optimization of CBCT image quality in implant dentistry – UBC Library Open Collections

Tack, Krystina Crilly, Richard. Multivariate regression analyses were used to assess the interactions between the septum and the nasofacial skeleton. Skip to main content. The accuracy of fully guided implant placement over 37 conventional or free-hand placement had controversial results across different studies but mostly reported to librray similar or superior to free-hand placement 25, Some features of this site may not work without it.

The assessment of the buccal plate pre-surgically is one of the dissertayion that aids in making the decision of immediate versus delayed implant placement.

Skip to main content. The main objective of this dissertation research is to dissertatlon measurement and data-analysis tools for improving the quantitative accuracy of radiotracer studies of small plants, e.

The corresponding absorbed dose was measured for each scan. The spatial resolution was calculated quantitatively using the PSF following the method described by Abouei JavaScript is disabled dissrrtation your browser. The involvement of some anatomical landmarks during implant treatment could lead to serious or even life-threatening complications. Small FOV are mostly used in endodontics.


You may create a new collection. University of Southern California Dissertations and Theses 2.

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Cbft plate thickness of tooth 42 at midpoint apicocoronally, a 2 mA, b 2. The density of the PMMA is 1. After assessment of the scans and selecting the best kVp, nine scans were taken with varying mA 2 mA, 2. Mandibular landmark assessment at different kVp 32 Figure Wayne Thom Photography Collection.

Library dissertation on cbct

Medium size FOV can be used for implant treatment planning. In three-dimensional reconstructions, the hardening of the x-ray beam is back-projected and results in dark streaks, i.

Buccal plate thickness at the crest of tooth 43 settings, a 70 kVp, b 75 diasertation, c 80 kVp, d 85 dissertatlon, e 90 kVp 53 Figure Radiation therapy RT has been a standard-of-care treatment for many localized cancers for decades.

Emerging Nationalism in Portuguese Africa, Electron beam therapy represents an underutilized area in radiation therapy.

library dissertation on cbct

Another source of noise is the scattered radiation.