Feeling that he is no longer capable of providing financially for his family, Pa grows angry and begins to shut himself off from the world. The Joads, and other migrants, learned that not all Americans shared hospitality, kindness, or appreciation. However, the possibility of reaching their destination without going through several misfortunes was not guaranteed. He wrote in a clear and simple style. In Literature and Film:

The political mixes with the personal in these scenes, and the result is an overwhelming feeling that not only shocks the middle-class public with crude realism, but also wakes up their social consciousness. It seems unbelievable, but it is true. The newsreel style of a contemporary of Steinbeck’s, author John Dos Passos, is seen in the used car salesman chapter, while the depiction of the boy and his Cherokee girl dancing in Chapter 23 is almost cinematic. One of the most significant instances in which the film plot diverges from that of the novel is the alternation of the episode concerning Weedpatch camp. All savings were gone and the prevailing optimism was broken into pieces. The Grapes of Wrath.

Winfield and Ruthie, the youngest members of the family, are the most selfish characters as they only act according to their innocent, instinctive sense of possession. Other members of the Joad family also travel to California: Do not have an account? Maybe that makes us tough. The chapter also summarizes the poignancy of the situation of the migrants who are forced to leave the land. Businessmen who formerly seemed to have endless power are now powerless.

Hence, the belief that a film adaptation can remain totally faithful to its literary source text is gapes erroneous. Zanuck has more than kept his word. No less than any of Casy’s or Tom’s acts of generosity, Rose of Sharon’s nurturing and life-giving gesture extends beyond her immediate family unit to sustain lterary survival if the larger human family.


In Chapter 1 sunlight is presented as a universal force beyond all human power, and the same happens in the final scene of the film with Ma Joad pronouncing her culminating speech towards the oiterary that emanates from the horizon.

However, what he finds when he meets his family is that his home is no longer a place ons live — his family has been dispossessed from their land and all of them were now forced to search for a new place to live. This causes a rift between property owners and migrant workers.

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Car with gallons of gas free. Both the ending in the novel and the ending in the motion picture are open. The pragmatism of Henry James, in which the meaning and truth of all concepts are defined by their practical consequences, is seen in the active approach of Ma and Tom to adversity.

However, the visual nature of the book is presented tue several other techniques.

The Grapes of Wrath

He wanted them to understand the struggle of the travelling families, and how desperately they were oppressed by the larger and more powerful forces in a social crisis. The spiritual beauty and strength of this language is most clearly seen in the apocalyptic warning delivered in Chapter 25, “There is a crime here which goes beyond denunciation.

Theoretically, Steinbeck’s philosophy appears to be based upon the socialist theories of Lenin and Marx, although it shows the clear influence of several distinctly American philosophies. Get an expert to write your essay! They have been tenant farmers for many years. Recognizing the man’s desperate condition, Rose of Sharon nurses him with the breast milk that would have fed her baby.

However, it is the way in which they are intricately, and inextricably, woven into the fabric of the primary narrative that they most confirm the genius of Steinbeck’s highly personal and global vision of humanity.


Upon his release from prison, Tom resolves to keep to himself.

literary analysis essay analyzing one of the intercalary chapters of the grapes of wrath

In fact, we can see how stubbornly unwilling is Grampa to leave his land that the only way for esay family to get him in the truck is by drugging him. When she breastfeeds the starving stranger who would otherwise die, a new boundary-less definition of family is born.

The teaching of Jim Casy widely reflect various theories of pragmatism, socialism, humanism and transcendentalism. The final scene thus “complete[s] their education by transcending familial prejudices.

literary analysis essay analyzing one of the intercalary chapters of the grapes of wrath

The tractor drivers merely steer a machine. Vacant Houses, Turtle crossing the road, Ma Joad, truck. In these places, the land dried up and turned to dust. Beyond the satisfactory critical reception of the motion picture, the main reason why some scholars attacked the adaptation was its lack ggapes fidelity from the source text.

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According to Steinbeck scholar, Peter Lisca, the author uses three specific literary devices to minimize disruption and bring together the two components of the novel: The family receives an escort from the state police and get to work.

These images might be considered less specific or timid for being not as explicit as in the novel, but their central chappters remains faithful.

Following this scheme, the thirty chapters of the book can also be divided into two other groups: