The power, P in kW required to operate the multi-crop slicing machine was estimated using equation: The capacity increased with increase in speed. Test results with the machine in slicing samples of onion, carrot, yam and potato indicated satisfactory performance. Processing of Tropical Root Crops. While medium and large group increased in throughput capacity with increase in speed.

Furthermore, some of these slicing machines are designed for only a particular type of vegetable and fruit and cannot be used for others because of their peculiar rheological properties. Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Newsletter. Pitch length of the belt: In Nigeria, for agro-climate reasons, plantain cultivation is concentrated in the southern region of the country. There are many processes involved in food size reduction.

In tropical Africa, carrots are mainly eaten cooked, and it plays a significant part in the preparation of certain traditional dishes. Review of Existing Slicing Machines Several slicing and chipping machines have been designed and tested in various developing countries especially the Caribbean and South East Asian countries as reported by Clarke The result of the study shows that the machine can slice root and tuber pplantain satisfactorily with slices ranging from 8 mm to 9 mm thickness were obtained.

However, speed 41 rpm seemed to be most suitable for high efficiency. It must be able to penetrate the crops and the materials for construction must neither contaminate the crops nor be corroded when in contact with water. This housing serves as the cutting blade compartment Fig.

Pitch length of the belt: University Micro films Ann Arbor. A tachometer was employed to ensure literagure of operating speeds as determined in the design calculation. However, large size potato decreased in efficiency with an increase in speed. The trend for yam is such that the efficiency decreased with increase in speed. It is also used in curing all bronchial complaints e. This may be as a result of soft texture of the crop.


Plantains are usually processed after harvesting in order to increase its shelf life. Throughput capacity was defined as the ratio of the quantity literafure sliced materials collected from the machine outlet to the time taken. Kachru, developed a plantain-slicing machine and evaluated its performance with respect to parameters such as cutting velocity, orientation of hopper, shear angle, level angle, number of blades of the machine.

McGraw Hill Book Co; Crop Production in Tropical Africa. For yam there was no measured significant difference between small literafure and medium, but medium size give best performance.

literature review on plantain slicer

The cutting disc Fig. Design, performance evaluation, multi-crop, slicing machine, throughput capacity, slicing efficiency.

(PDF) CIGR09 Agbetoye et al slicing machine | Leo Agbetoye –

The feed channel is incorporated into the hopper so that smaller crop sizes can be transported to the conveying disc directly without falling off before getting to the conveying disc. Revised Nov 20; Accepted Feb 6. The process of cutting or slicing the crops gives rise to faster cooking. It claimed to have a capacity of up to kg per hour.

Power transmitted, P, between the two shafts is related to the belt tension and its linear velocity according to the following Hall et al. Development of slicwr electrically operated cassava peeling and slicing machine. The frame was made to a rectangular box form using angle iron and mild steel plate. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


Development of a plantain slicing device

slifer They are powered by electric motors. The tension of the belt is necessary for the appropriate transmission of the power, thereby preventing the unwanted slippage of the belt, as this will affect the power output due to fluctuation of speed.

literature review on plantain slicer

Such processes as cutting of fruits or vegetables for canning, shredding sweet potatoes for drying, slicing onion for salad, chopping corn fodder, grinding grain for livestock feed and milling flour are size reduction operations. They are best preserved in the dried form by processing into flour, chips and pellets for both human and livestock consumption. The primary purpose of this unit is to slice the pulp of plantain to desired thickness and discharge it through the discharge opening into a collecting container.

literature review on plantain slicer

This was as a result of toughness of the small size samples. Accessed 12 June Literatufe materials commonly subjected to cutting could be classified as: