The romance angles were too incidental to the story — they felt tacked on like an afterthought, and literally go nowhere. The Company introduces a new rifle called the Enfield that requires the sepoys to bite into grease that supposedly contains cow and pig-fat, and that is where all the trouble starts. This, however, had a reverse effect on the soldiers; instead of getting scared, hundreds of soldiers tore their uniforms that were a sign of bondage and they took a dip in the holy Ganges for cleansing them off their sin of carrying the chains of bondage. Afterwards, while both recover at a camp, Gordon seeks out Pandey and gives him his pistol as a token of appreciation. Rahman are once again at their very best. What an encouragement this!

Anson decides to send the Queen’s Regiment from Rangoon to intercept and subdue the rebels; it is scheduled to arrive in Berhampore on 1 April. There is no dwelling on the greatest excesses and neither are the Indians portrayed as flawless. The British East India Company was subject to the uprising or ‘mutiny’ largely because of a failure to understand and respect local customs from a purely military point of view, George Bush should consider bringing more or better historians to the White House. However most reviewers and viewers alike have complained about the pace of the first half. Before Baugh could draw his sword, Pandey attacked him with a talwar a heavy Indian sword and closing with the adjutant, slashed Baugh on the shoulder and neck and brought him to the ground. I have never found this so, except in 5 star hotels enclaves.

It successfully merges factual history with cultural norms, mythology, song and dance, grand battle scenes, touching romance and heroism.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

The wife of Captain William Halliday of the 56th B. Also like that it’s emphasized that Gordon is a Catholic Scot, thus an outsider among his own peers.

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Satyamev Jayate Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. The inciting event that leads to the Rising could have been avoided or quickly rectified.


mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

But, O glorious Martyrs, in this pious struggle of your sons help. Film scholar Omer Mozaffar of RogerEbert. It’s also a rare treat to have an epic of this scale, told from an Indian point of view, in English or mostly in English. It is gripping, entertaining laguage what’s more enlightening. There is a no doubt about the movie’s character.

His unshakeable belief in the coda of a soldier, his cynicism at on corruption of East India Company, and his frustrated helplessness against the system make Toby’s character by far the most complex and well-rounded of the whole lot. This movie is about the human spirit – its about simple pleasures – its about the vivid colors of India.

Mangal Pandey

Om Puri’s voice-over narration was redundant. However, I cannot help but feel that he’s been short-changed as Toby Stephens is given more opportunities to out-act him, lack in that court trial scene for instance — Aamir doesn’t have a big stop-the-movie-in-its-tracks scene, though that changes after intermission when his character is finally given prominence. He was virtuous and his bearing and appearance essaay radiant.

On Sunday I saw it for the third time with my son and his wife and a cousin of mine. Kent, where the cartridge grease is made; indeed, the grease turns out to be pig fat and beef tallow.

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Inspired by his execution, the spectators break out in revolt. The story is about the Indian suppression. There were many naysayers about the fact that Aamir may have been a bit lacking in the height department for the role of a freedom fighter, but when you see his towering performance on screen, his small frame is all but forgotten.

Retrieved from ” https: The Rising is one of these movies that are larger, bigger than life. Pandey recovered and was brought to trial less than a week later.


There has been much publicity done for the movie besides scheduling a worldwide simultaneous release and bringing back a “new look” Aamir Khan after a long sabbatical.

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Moreover, it’s about how a man realizes the true meaning of freedom, self respect and courage. Hundred years old history became alive in the remarkable performances of the crew and the cast in this movie. Costumes by Lovleen Bains are good overall, but some costumes like those of Tatya Tope and Rani of Jhansi shown at the end seem straight out of a fancy-dress competition.

The songs are probably distracting for a Western audience, but they’ll have to live with them. Views Read Edit View history. I’m no fan of CGI, whatever its convenience for film makers: Resistance to the use of Enfield cartridges later that month in Meerut led to the outbreak of a revolt there in May and the start of the larger insurrection. I went and watched 1st day 2nd show.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Hearing of the 34th Regiment’s refusal to use the rifles, the 19th Regiment at Berhampore gujarari refuses to use them, and mutiny brews among the sepoys.

Even though, Aamir Khan clearly stole the show, but other actors also did a good job.

Rani Mukherjee as the nautch-girl Heera is in top form in the ‘mujra’ Main Vari Vari and she shines even in her short, underdeveloped role.