Each course is worth 7. In this case, you have to find a project supervisor from the mathematics institute and a daily supervisor at the place of internship. The research colloquium also takes place every two Mondays at Interdisciplinary profiles A profile is a coherent set of courses totaling 30 EC and can be chosen to expand the thematic range of your Master’s programme. Please make sure to include the time, date, name of the thesis, supervisor, and the number of expected attendees.

Missing data techniques in contract benchmarking. An overview of the current availability of the supervisors is shown below availability below zero means the supervisors are over-committed. The mandatory section consists of: You are required to apply for approval of your research project by submitting a request via Osiris Student. A student who successfully attends the course can: Data-driven Diagnosis in Psychiatry.

The thesis project consists a project idea, a graduation supervisor, and a graduation project facilitator. Exceptions to participation are granted to students who are conducting their thesis abroad. Heuvel,Maurits van der Accenture. The first supervisor will handle the grading through Osiris.

The intended learning outcomes are that the student should:. The 12 tokens requirement is relaxed in case many colloquia ara cancelled.

mbi uu thesis

Phase 1 is finalized with a presentation in the MBI colloquium first presentationwhich describes the context of the thesis, research questions, envisaged method and artifact sand the findings from the literature. Leave this field blank. A pediatric intensive care unit case study.


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The proposal contains at least the following elements: The same rules on the quality of the project and the availability of a first supervisor apply to projects abroad too.

Skip to main content. The learning outcomes for the student are the following:. In principle, admission to start the final thesis project officially is permitted when all courses are passed and is confirmed by the likely supervisor thesus the student, after the supervisor has approved the thewis proposal.

The student has to start a new project from scratch. Knowledge Discovery for Domain Experts: For an MBI thesis, the maximum grade for a retake is 8.

mbi uu thesis

Edge cases What happens when a student gets an insufficient result after part 2, even after the retake? Also, you can join the Slack channel using your UU student e-mail address. For details, see the protocol delay at the end of this page. Please read carefully the information below if you plan to start your thesis project.

Skip to main content. Towards an aligned organization on Information Security – Closing the gap between the actual level of information security and business information security requirements.

Looking for a project? Deviations to the standard contract shall be discussed with the Science Research Project Coordinator. Students can also try to arrange a project that fits within an internship with a company. Your request will be checked by the student administration and by the graduation coordinator.


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Throughout the profile, learning theories and teaching methods will be taught closely linked to your day to day work in the classroom. Text prediction in web-based thfsis processing. Mining Cultural Capital in Online Profiles.

Interdisciplinary profiles A profile is a coherent set of courses totaling 30 Thdsis and can be chosen to expand the thematic range of your Master’s programme.

The MBI programme is full-time. It is wise to deliver individual chapters as they are ready. For the first part of the research project the student studies the literature and makes a detailed plan for the research and the thesis.

By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. For students who start their thesis in or thedis Septemberbut started their master before Septemberthe research project has two components: