Since then it is being a matter of discussion due to lack of appropriate concept of it. Some people agree with the new provisions and also claim that it is one of the best constitutions in the world but other people criticized that the federalism that Nepal has chosen through this new constitution is not competitive, on four grounds: It can also be called cooperative federalism. The regions have many names; such as states, provinces, Lander, cantons, regions and communities. The transformative events in Nepal throughout and later years and the changed on ground realities of the conflict have allowed the program to address many questions for rural and urban Nepalis- that were precisely restricted, such as discussions of democracy and corruption. There are many reasons why the people of Nepal want to enter into the federal system.

Basically, to study about concern subject, information has been gathered from published material newspapers articles, books, magazine, internet website etc. Local roads, rural roads, agro-roads, irrigation It basically includes the distribution of taxing, spending and borrowing powers; this is called fiscal federalism and is the life blood of any federal system. Such system could not help to eradicate the socio-economic grievances of the people. Currently of the UN member nations, 24 are classified as federal states. The process should not be overburdened by unreasonable expectations.

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naya nepal essay in nepali

After the People’s Naay of Jana Andolan Iout of 44 political parties registered with the Election Commission, 3 included federalism in their manifestos as their political agenda. Since February Naya Nepal focused on Women and their issues to be raised in Constituent Assembly once in a week and peace-building and governance in next episode at same week It disseminated critically needed information and education material in relation to how youth and adult population in Nepall can contribute in peace and reconciliation in transition period.

However, the federal demarcation in some sort of extent has unable to address all the npal.

However, federalism was not a system that appealed to most major political forces and, until recently, was considered a radical and unchartered course Sharma, Other considerations also touch on the choice: Different groups and the Madhesi Front are demanding that the Tarai be declared an autonomous state on the basis of region. Federalism has various challenges in contemporary Nepalese scenario so this research will be beneficial to cope with challenges since it tries to evoke the reasons behind contemporary andolan held by different ethnicities.


The federal system will provide equal opportunity for all types of people in the state mechanism and also gives greater space for the recognition of identity and the empowerment of marginalized people. At a time when Nepal has been facing several economic challenges, nobody has any idea how federal states will deal with those issues. One of the things for federalism is always an issue of how to design the central government so it represents the diversity of the country.

naya nepal essay in nepali

Centralization and decentralization do not have neepal to do with the system being either unitary or federal. Federal form of government enables and expands scope of the people of grass-root level to enjoy the full extent of democracy.

Given the limited resources and competitive market, there lies a major economic challenge of distribution of resources as well. The alternative, that any state may at any time leave the Union and thus be free from Union interference in the state’s internal affairs, was tried during the American Civil War.

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Ethnicity Based Federalism, where persons of the same ethnicity or caste or language constitute the sub-national unit, and enjoy benefit of its that others do not, such as the use of their language or control of resources, in order to protect and promote their economic and social well being, recognizing esasy distinct identity.

Protection nepxli use of languages, scripts, cultures, fine arts and religions Forests, wildlife, birds, water uses, environment, ecology and bio-diversity 8. Then all of a sudden the gong sounds and the great Crime Wave is on.


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Background Federalism is a political system in which the sovereign power is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units. The power and responsibility of the naga and the units must be clearly defined and also should make provision for problem solving through competent judiciary, law and constitution.

Government has given equal importance to all the people since its establishment. As Nepal moves forward in this peace process, SSB has shifted too to better react to the changing on the ground situation, a daily reality where there is hope for a brighter future.

It provides a barrier to the dominance of the majority. In order to capacitate the states and the subsequent local governments to handle the local issues effectively, guarantee accountability and withhold the demands of the citizenry, the institutions of the unitary governance mechanism should be devolved.

The dividends of state restructuring take time to be realized nepaali state restructuring should be given sufficient time to deliver. They have no prejudices how nwpali write a good sat essay conclusion of nepall critical thinking nor traditions; they come straight from the simple source of life.

Some claim to be indigenous to these regions and demand preferential rights to natural resources and agradhikar —priority entitlement to political leadership positions in the future provinces. Management, operation and control of agricultural extension These discriminatory traditions made the people to think for changes. Limbu Nayz Bikas Sastha.

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For this purposes, we have to identify the principles and foundations of creating nepa,i provinces and consensus regarding them. Central Police, Armed Police Force, national intelligence and investigation, peace, security 5. There must be constitutional limits on the domain of the federal government to protect the citizenry from the discretionary powers of an all-powerful federal government.