An Unlikely Response to Berelson. After you have completed all of the revisions that are required for your Final Examination, complete the following steps:. Dissertation Videos Three-minute videos summarizing dissertation research for a lay audience. Solid colors are best, with the exception of white, black or gray. Skip to main content.

Explain at a very basic level. Direct any questions regarding OneDrive, or the sharing of your video file, to Stephen. Singlet fission in chiral carbon nanotubes: Exploring the Rhetorical Contours of the Zika Virus. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Practice telling someone who does not know your field about your dissertation research.

However, if you number one equation in the text, then you must number all of the equations that appear in the disquisition. Page numbers — The Preface appears after the Abstract and the Acknowledgements or Dedication, if usedand must be consistent with the rest of the disquisition. Videogames, Nostalgia, and Remake Culture.

The Sexual Politics of Videogame Graphics. Automated Lists — Microsoft Word can create automated lists. Not use identical formatting as major headings. Citations — If you use or reference material that is not your own, use scholarly citation practices that are consistent with the rest of the disquisition and with the style manual of your discipline.


ndsu dissertation video

Construction of chiral complex molecules continues to be a challenge for organic chemists all over the world and to address this challenge numerous methodologies have been developed. Faculty sponsor for grant to hire an undergraduate research assistant. When you insert a table or figure into the text, make sure to minimize the amount of space that appears above and below the item.

Scholarship Coordinator, Spring — Spring Was there anything surprising about your findings? Norah Dunbar Chair ; Stacy L. In some cases, copyright permission might be required to reprint your own previously published work. Confirm your final product is around 3 minutes and that the audio is clear.

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Reflections, thoughts, and strategies. Discussing Intersections between Rhetoric, Ethnography, and Performance. Margins – Margins for page numbers must be at least 0. Grant for public health and civic engagement spring speaker series.

ndsu dissertation video

The video is not scripted but instead structured like you are having a comfortable conversation about your dissertation.

A History of Cultural Studies.

Indents — Make sure that the first lines of all paragraphs in the disquisition are indented one tab by default, this is 0. Page numbers — Page numbers must be consistent with the rest of the disquisition.


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Axness, Tyler July Grant for an incarceration and civic engagement fall speaker series. Lockwood, Allison, Jennifer A. Marisol Berti Xianwen Zhu Program: Do not identify your appendices in a list that is separate from the Table of Contents.

ndsu dissertation video

Criticism and Interpretive Theory Nssu Zombies and Public Health Policy, Spring Hauge, Kris October However, you may set the font to be up to two sizes larger than the text in the body paragraphs. Francois Marais Grant Mehring Program: Disability, Whiteness, Orientalism, and Switched at Birth. The Legacy and Relevance of Disease Rhetorics.

Doctoral students are required to submit a 3-minute video summarizing their dissertation research for a lay audience. Los Alamos National Lab.