After all, this government is inclusive to everyone. Retrieved 8 July Duterte, the first Philippine President who hails from the South, promised to help the Moro people resolve their grievances, many of which stem from disputes on ancestral land and decades of neglect. But it would be a huge mistake to let a beast loose with no pen or tranquilizer darts available. It is amazing how our sense of things tracks exactly in line. In all our conversations, they never told me they were against BBL. It needs to be amended and revised.

Remove the June deadline and appeal to the MI that the summit is the best way to get the nation involved. The Bangsamoro government will have an asymmetrical relationship with the national government, as the BARMM will have more autonomy than other regions in the country. Section 3 b , Article X of the law states that they are “citizens who are believers in Islam and who have retained some or all of their own social, economic, cultural, and political institutions. How to bring back trust between the revolutionary muslim groups and the government has been an almost impossible undertaking, what with atrocities being committed by each side against the other. I took care of the duplicate paragraph, but. The cold war has passed to the history books.

persuasive essay about bangsamoro basic law

But then again you have these preconditions: The regional governor has his own Cabinet and advisory council. Assuming both parties are serious about peace and prosperity, and do not oaw ambitions beyond that.


Both houses still continue but still have to monitor the summit and invite them for final amendments and no more bicam conference that is overkill have it signed asap. A style of politics for peace.

persuasive essay about bangsamoro basic law

March 31, at 9: It focuses on Sharia and on tribal laws but has only a short section on local courts. April 2, at As for intentions of the ancestors, a certain Native American tribe has an a rule that chiefs must think of seven generations to come in every decision they make — a hard exercise but good.

As trust is built, the controls can be eased.

persuasive essay about bangsamoro basic law

It ought to be fought. Topped the Accenture assessment center test in especially in terms of confidence, but decided to join a German IT startup because it gave me more room to grow my skills in different directions to form essa own business later with possible connection to Philippines and essau the mission Pisay inculcated which was to advance Philippine development.

Some concerns pop up in my mind: In the best case, the money being given to Bangsamoro becomes just a B eef B arre L. March 30, at 5: Statements Press Statement on the arrest of Sen.

bagnsamoro The passage of BBL was not initially set to be tackled by the 17th Congress. Part of my inspiration for the article is the Ecuadorian journalist I am dating.

COMMENTARY: The content and intent of the Bangsamoro Basic Law

Both sides are, but my Macchiavellian mode of thinking tells me that there are ALWAYS cross-purposes in real life, people being what they are. Christians; or Muslims vs.


Require the MILF to show proof of their authority by first ridding their area of influence of armed men and criminal elements. Pfrsuasive 3, at I think that your last sentence is a forecast of the future, if Congress and others do their job on the BBL.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

April 1, at 1: The sandugo between Americans and Filipinos was when they fought the Japanese together during World War 2. And from their ranks, the executive department would be constituted.

Actually all three possibilities are in my bangsmoro nonsense and not really good solutions. April 1, at 5: Tagalog ng ang salita ko.

Bangsamoro Organic Law – Wikipedia

Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. It will entail a lot of sacrifice on their part, which they are not known for, to make things work for them while working in tandem with the government. They are for BBL. And to that point, I am inclined to ask, what exactly are the Bangsamoro looking for?

If need be, the Constitution should be amended. Personally, I find looking into the future great aboout. What is the BOL and why do we need one?