Alden and Yaya appear to be enjoying their time together. The show has also received a lifetime achievement award for its more than three decades on air from the Gawad Tanglaw Awards. Indonesia until its final episode in After several misses, they finally see each other from a distance; but before they could make physical contact, a wall of plywood falls and separates them. Nidora then tells Yaya that the Lolas will be there for her no matter what. Retrieved 26 April

Retrieved 25 February Ang Tahanan ng Eat Bulaga! Frankie asks Yaya Dub that if she cannot love him, then at least let him love her. Suddenly, the riding- in- tandem appears and attempts to grab Nidora’s blue folder. Indonesia The New Eat Bulaga! Dora’s medicine into a drink for Lola Nidora, who consumes it and then momentarily loses her anger towards Alden and at the same time is horrified whenever Lola Nidora sees Jimmy. Lola Nidora is stressed out because of the leaked diary pictures while Yaya Dub pesters Lola Nidora into allowing her to have a vacation.

Lola Nidora is still anxious because pictures from the Secret Diary continue to be exposed.

problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Finally, Nidora is able to reach Yaya Dub, but the latter can be heard crying and tells Nidora that she cannot take it anymore.

Ang Paandae ni Dudang – Facebook”. Isadora returns because she wants Yaya to know the truth about herself before the scheduled “Tamang Panahon” with Alden takes place. Guy and Pip – Facebook”.


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Meanwhile, Yaya Dub recuperates from her sickness and joins Lola Nidora, who is happy at Yaya’s return. Retrieved 2 August The Triplets battle each other in a dance showdown; Tidora does the Zumba, Nidora does Taichi and Tinidora does the ballroom.

Meanwhile at the site, Duhrizz turns out to be the mastermind. Laban o Bawi witnessed a short revival from to with a revamped elimination round. After some prodding, Nidora juns some clues as to what the folder contains.


Problem solving eat bulaga june 23

Bayanihan of D’ Pipol. Finding Singsing – Facebook”. Nidora is also mad at Rihanna because the ext mistress was busy chatting with Yaya last night about Alden, instead of letting Yaya sleep. After not gaining any progress in the search, the sisters take matters on their own hands and go on the hunt. Ina milestone was achieved by Eat Bulaga!

problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Then Lola Nidora receives a tip from the mysterious caller, informing her that Yaya is held captive in a house nearby. Retrieved 23 August Film Academy of lroblem Philippines.

List of awards and nominations received by Eat Bulaga! Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc. Her sisters Tidora and Tinidora, however, believe that they are just overreacting since they do not have an idea when or where Isadora will appear. Retrieved 9 July Codice da incorporare sul tuo sito Web: The caller agrees to one condition. Kalyeserye Day – Trust.


Retrieved 21 June Additionally, Nidora asks the couple forgiveness on behalf of her granddaughter. Retrieved 9 June Yaya to remain in the studio, and Alden to be with her in the Barangay.

Eat Bulaga!

Eat is the transliteration of It from the game tag ; while Bulaga! Eeat 25 October He walks slowly to meet Yaya Dub as Nidora proceeds to deliver her litany about true love that can wait for the right time.

Those who insist to be the “real” Isadora, but are not able to prove their identity, are expelled by the Lolas.

Due to copyright issues regarding its franchised segment, this will not be uploaded nor live streamed on the show’s official YouTube channel.