Working authors know the highs and lows of presenting their material around the country, but for all of them, the fact that some deeply like their work, is the highest praise, and the purest reason to write. Clarence Wolfshohl — Fulton, Missouri. Poems from the Prairie. Wednesday, March 16, Scissortail The Dust Bowl Sonnets. Sunday, April 1, From the Director, Ken Hada at or visit www.

Posted by Steve Benton at 6: America Is Having an Existential Crisis. Posted by Steve Benton at Simon Han — Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brigette Drabek, “Searching for Light. She is the Roger S. No workshops, how-to, propaganda or pre-arranged panels are acceptable.

Red Earth representatives will be at the Scissortail Festival.

Poetry Winners 1st Place: Festival Schedule of Readings Sharon Edge Martin — Oilton, Oklahoma. If you’re not here yet, come soon! Thanks for the poster.

scissortail creative writing festival 2015

From the Director, Ken Hada at or at KHada ecok. Scissortail Creative Writing Festival Information: Scissortail Festival affords us this opportunity. They Live Meanly Here. Jennifer Kidney — Norman, Oklahoma. Google gives the good opportunity to the people and you can easily post this poster scussortail the help of the Google tools and we have cheap transcription companies that’s best option for all.


Scissortail Creative Writing Festival at East Central University April 3,

Walter Bargen — Ashland, Missouri. Terri Cummings — Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. America Is Having an Existential Crisis. Wednesday, January 23, Hutton November 14, at 9: Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest.

scissortail creative writing festival 2015

He wrote a creative thesis at the University of North Texas in He has written for and about the theatre in essays, poetry, plays, and Spontaneous Behaviora book on acting. Author Biographies Paul Austin — Norman, Oklahoma. Schedule of Readings The 12th Annual R.

Ken Hada, khada ecok. Mish and Bilgere are two of 58 writers who will be making presentations at the three-day event.

Tenth Annual Scissortail Creative Writing Festival Comes To ECU | East Central University

Darryl Fisher High School Creative Writing Contest winners winners winners winners winners winners winners winners winners winners Submission details For a complete schedule of readers, visit www.

Ken Hada at or at KHada ecok. She is a five-time winner of a D. Thomas Venney November 12, at From the opening hook, with the unhurried authority of a master, Brandon Hobson initiates the sissortail into the secret lives of lost and unwanted teenagers trying to survive in an uncaring world.


scissortail creative writing festival 2015

Selections to the program are accepted on the basis of: Aaron Glover — Dallas, Texas. Cindy Huyser — Austin, Texas.

The Poster Scissortail: One of the best things about our annual Scissortail ritual is that we have the opportunity to engage one another with various creative voices, offering a variety of approaches to this human experience of living respectfully among each other.