Culminating Experience Requirements In accordance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations , the Culminating Experience must be met by the satisfactory completion of a thesis, special project, comprehensive examination, or a combination of more than one of these. Decision Sciences Toggle Decision Sciences. Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning — 9 units minimum B1: Students who wish to change concentrations within the same academic department must be in good academic standing and must fill out the Change of Graduate Program Concentration Form. Undergraduate Education Toggle Undergraduate Education. If not, the student will be denied graduation and must reapply and pay the Application for Award of Degree fee again for the subsequent term. In accordance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations , the Culminating Experience must be met by the satisfactory completion of a thesis, special project, comprehensive examination, or a combination of more than one of these.

Extension of Seven-Year Limit Students, who for documented, serious, and compelling reasons, cannot complete their degree within the seven-year limit, may request one extension. A grade of RP is given for a Culminating Experience course until completed. If you do not maintain continuous enrollment, and wish to return to complete the degree, you will need to retroactively enroll in the CEL course for each semester following the grace semester, and pay all applicable fees. Undergraduate equivalents of these courses are not permitted on the ATC. Students who do not complete all required coursework, the written English proficiency requirement Levels I and II , and the Culminating Experience within the seven-year time limit should refer to the Progress Toward Degree section of this Bulletin. Students taking upper-division undergraduate courses may be required by the program to earn a B or higher if counted on the ATC. Formatting of the creative written work must be reviewed by Graduate Studies well in advance so any adjustments in formatting can be made before the deadline.


sfsu thesis checklist

Business Certificates Toggle Business Certificates. Communication Studies Toggle Communication Studies.

Written English Communication I — 3 units A3: Instructions for Sumitting an Application for Award of Degree. Concentration in Print and Online Journalism.

International Relations Toggle International Relations. Concentration in School Age Child and Family. General Education Toggle General Education.

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The Culminating Experience and all other requirements must be met by the last day of final exams. Arts or Humanities — thesiw units Area D: Jewish Studies Toggle Jewish Studies.

sfsu thesis checklist

Each student must complete a separate Culminating Experience Proposal, but they must be submitted jointly for review. Complete your English Proficiency Requirement day of biology orientation. Graduate Student Academic Standing All students who have earned an undergraduate degree and who are enrolled as graduate classified or unclassifiedcredential, second baccalaureate, and certificate graduate and undergraduate students are held to these academic standards.

Social Work Toggle Social Work. Students who complete a major and a tuesis or two majors automatically complete the Complementary Studies requirement.

No lower-division courses taken in graduate status will count towards the graduate degree. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics: Concentration in Physics for Teaching.


In the rare cases this is not possible because of University budgetary issues or curricular changes, file the Waiver for Graduate Program Regulation Form. Only current graduate students who have a thsis 3.

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Concentration in Product Design and Development. Concentration in Physics for Teaching.

sfsu thesis checklist

No stamped, copied, electronic, or scanned signatures are accepted. Information Systems Toggle Information Systems. The culminating experience course is not available for most programs. A current curriculum vitae theesis be on file in Graduate Studies. Requests by graduate students to repeat a course to improve the GPA are seldom granted by programs because it reflects lack of progress toward the degree.

Checklsit is the maximum time allowable. Extensions cannot exceed one year. Upon approval of the ATC, the student is advanced to candidacy and classified status. Chemistry and Biochemistry Toggle Chemistry and Biochemistry. Students who do not complete required coursework during the scheduled time period must complete a written contract with the instructor to complete the work within the next academic year or earlier as stipulated by the faculty member.

Social Sciences — 3 units D2: Academically disqualified students may, after at least two semesters have elapsed, apply for readmission to the University providing evidence that they have removed the academic deficiencies, or resolved the problems which may have caused the disqualification.

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