Therefore, SD is effective, due to its adaptability to various ways that it can be carried out. An example of this would be a man who is modifying his anxiety around women and who was role playing a step on his hierarchy that said A smiling at a woman. Since the sessions are only twenty minutes apiece, this should not be a great burden. Then try the difficult item again. For some people, such transfer is almost immediate: The success of the project was measured by self-report, interview and recording biological factors and the 20 individuals showed significantly reduced fear.

Seeing a very attractive member of the opposite sex that I know not so well. If, for example, you are role playing step one in a hierarchy that deals with anxiety about interacting with members of the opposite sex, and your first step simply is to look at a member of the opposite sex, you will just pretend that your role playing partner is a member of the opposite sex. The most disturbing item is placed at the bottom of the list and the least disturbing at the top. Craske et al concluded that flooding and SD were equally effective at treating phobias. The final items, of course, should be the most severe items from the original list. Your list will include some situations which are worse than others. Constructing a good hierarchy is very important since it provides the framework for approaching the problem.

Driving to school before the class.

Telling the person my opinion on a non-anxiety arousing topic. We will occasionally send you vesensitisation related emails. URL of this web site: It would also be possible to administer them to someone else. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The spider does not cause anxiety or fear in a person in the same way that bells do not cause dogs to salivate.


This is a significant weakness because cognitions desrnsitisation emotions are often the motivators of behavior and so the treatment is only dealing with symptoms not the underlying causes.

Briefly explain these points to the person when you ask him to be your partner: One might be a positive outcome scene related to your hierarchy situation.

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Asking for initiating activities together. Conversing with a moderately attractive member of the opposite sex for a long period. It will help you improve your A smoothness and your skills. Obviously, a state of deep relaxation is psychologically and physically incompatible with fear, discomfort, and anxiety. If any item still evokes the slightest bit of anxiety, stay with it until it is completely anxiety-free.

Your time is important.

systematic desensitisation essay

When you are completely relaxed, you then imagine the item vividly. Therefore, since you are role playing, the sex or age of your partner does not matter. Being spoken to be someone who sits near me in class.

systematic desensitisation essay

How to cite this page Choose cite format: This can often be remedied by spending a full session on relaxation between each group of dessensitisation to 8 desensitizing sessions. The client repeatedly imagines or is confronted by this situation until it fails to evoke any anxiety at all, indicating that the therapy has been successful. Therefore, the effectiveness of flooding may be undermined due to this. Role desensitsation is a technique which simulated a real life situation, therefore, your role playing partner can be of great help to you in this project.


systematic desensitisation essay

Tarik Al-Kubaisy recruited 99 phobic patients, and found that self-administered therapy was as effective as therapist-guided therapy. If the client becomes upset they can return to an earlier stage and regain their relaxed state. This hierarchy was designed by a student for himself. Talking with the boss on a more personal systekatic. The subject will be carefully led through this hierarchy in stage by stage format.

The disorder involved a fear of contaminating others with urine. For example, if a fear of public speaking originates with poor social skills then phobic reduction dfsensitisation more likely to occur in a treatment which includes learning effective social skills than systematic desensitization alone.

Systematic Desensitization

Saying hello to the person. It will also help you replace old habits with new ones by repetition. Asking the syshematic a more detailed question. To repeat, you will be pretending that your role playing partner is someone connected with your target behavior. Phobia responses can remain permanent unless the individual is subjected to the extinction process. There are 3 stages of systematic desensitization: