I remember one statement we treated in class: A Raisin in the Sun. The class saw a film about the Nazi Regime. Another idea this event helped me to understand is that uncontrolled anger can cause unwanted mistakes. Filmwissenschaft Auf der Suche nach Unmittelbarkeit un Peer pressure also played a big role. Brian Ammon ,is a quarterback on the football team.

She is used to chew on pens when she feels nervous. Henry IV Part 2. I think a big mistake of us is that we think that such a cruel thing could never happen to us. So all in say that all we can she is a strong personality. It is very hard for young people and also for adults as the second World War showed not to join a group which stands for strength, power and community.

the wave morton rhue essay questions

A Man For All Seasons. And Then There Were None.

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Robert Billings ,is the class loser. At the beginning there was chatting and a big mess. A Hope in the Unseen.

the wave morton rhue essay questions

I remember one statement we treated in class: After this happening he really was shocked. Two Gentelmen of Verona. The Merchant of Venice. Their relationship broke up when The Wave was created. From this day Ross wanted that all are equal and there are no competings against each other.


This was shocking event as David, who had been denying that The Wave could hurt anyone, just hurt his own girlfriend. Adventures of Augie March. Up Close and Virtual. J H Johannes Habersatter Author.

In this novel, a surprising event takes place when David the boy friend of Laurie Saunders, pushed her to the ground. As You Like It. He is very engaged in teaching, quextions and involved in his topics. She wonders if she likes Homer as a boyfriend. The second World War was reality but we already forgot it.

the wave morton rhue essay questions

Remember to focus on the question rather than the plot of the story. You have improved this essay a lot, well done. They often are inspired by new ideas. Laurie Saunders ,is a pretty girl, rhie a perpetual smile. Henry IV Part 1.

At the rally they had guards who controlled the membership cards and where aware that only wave members at the rally. So it should be a sign for us to leave our eyes open.


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Ross had no answer to the questions. So he is often tormented by others, especially by Brian. Thanks to Fish and ET4 that helped me a lot.

So we should not throw it away. Ross told them three rules: The situation after World War2 was similar to that. Deutsch – Literatur, Werke Eine Zusammenfassung: He is a heavy boy and looks a little bit untidy and unkempt. Find what wavr need to know Choose a subject Choose a subject Choose a subject – Choose an achievement standard .