The taxonomy view with a depth of 0. Further to this there are Podcasts to guide you through the importance of the different sections, and the amount of time needed to complete these sections, based on their point weighting. I recommend LearnCIMA as they are totally committed in their service in helping me to pass this exam with score of Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of I owe this success big time to Channa and his team at Nanaska for providing us necessary resources, guidance and feedback through out this learning journey. I want to exchange with Kaplan Mocks. For me case studies are always a bit complicated because they entail a lot.

The unseen will be given at the exam and will have specific issues that have developed within the time. I am really thankful to LearnCIMA for their online coaching support which is consists of personnel discussion, podcast support on practical question paper based on strategic case pre seen material. I want to exchange with Kaplan Mocks. I am currently completing my record of practical experience. Make it as easy for the markers to follow your workings. TCP allows you to build your own timetable around your commitments, which if you are working are best to keep to a minimum during the 2 months as there is a lot to cover.

topcima case study november 2013

This means I was behind time in my preparations. Your method is clearly effective Bhaskar India – Passed November I would never have done this without them and the strategies that they give you to pass are amazing!


They provide you with a good quality mock exam and give you a details feedback and train you for the big day. The valuation of mocks with specific feedbacks was very helpful to target my effort to make meaningful improvements.

I saw there were a lot of students recommending it as T4 online study partner. Absolutely unique, you have exceeded my wildest expectations.

topcima case study november 2013

The lectures and reading material were well structured. Initially my first mock exam attempt was awful and I became worrie d. Give 3 to 4 action points novembet each recommendation.

TOPCIMA Exam Tips for the Upcoming November Sitting

Articles on this Page showing articles 41 to 60 of Thank you once again! The mock exams were very helpful in learning and gave me the confidence to take the main exam.

From the get-go, I knew they were different: I cleared the T4 examination in August with 34 credits. The course 0213 and podcasts provided are excellent! It was a great experience study with TCP and definitely value for money. They are one of the cheapest online providers in the market and are committed to each and every student.

I saw the success coming with their study style that aims at simply passing the exam.

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And the amazing thing is I just took once the exam and study under Nanaska and I passed it with score 90 score. My credits achieved this time around was The course was really good, cannot recommend enough.


topcima case study november 2013

Thanks Channa and Wathsala. The support and guidance from the lecturer has helped me to pass this paper with scores. Nivember a basic background story for such issues will be given in the pre-seen. Nts’oauoa Motsetsela Lesetho — Passed Aug Especially for SCS exam, the group discussions, one-to-one consultations and the mock exams prepared by the team, as well as the reading materials and the podcasts that available in the forum are very relevant and useful studyy improving our chances of success.

TOPCIMA Exam Tips for the Upcoming November Sitting

This made the learning experience more casf as students would post new relevant information that they had researched and the whole course benefited from the information. There were also a few mock exams which were marked and followed with the detailed feedback.

This was the key for me to pass the exam. Once again I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team, who supported me 24×7.

Honestly speaking for a student like me with extremely busy work schedule and family commitments, the availability of TCP on line course was a blessing. Finally, what are you struggling with in your preparation right now? Wendy Fu China — Passed Aug