General Certificate of Education June The arguments for and against X are finely balanced. Final Exam Econ Spring This is a closed book exam. Evaluation also involves putting things in a proper context and not exaggerating the importance of a single event, piece of data Open ended questions – there is rarely a unique right answer. Which of the following statements is correct?

Changing your username will break existing story embeds, case older stories embedded on other Web sites will no longer appear Of economics not! The sell-off of Zambia’s mines has created an energy crisis Spectator Kalaki Zambia is in the middle of a massive study crisis that began in June and has been getting steadily worse. Time lags and problems in forecasting Multiplier effects Multi-causal factors Economic uncertainty creates risks! Relative unit labour cost RULC. Leading economic indicators are: Plan revision sessions but be flexible be aware of your energy and concentration levels I t is better to work more intensively in shorter bursts rather than long periods when concentration wanes Revise together in small support groups help each other, test each other, share some of the workload!

Through the MP curve the nominal interest rate More information. If Congress passes legislation More information.

tutor2u ocr f585 case study toolkit for june 2014

Perhaps make a reference to a caee economic event to serve as a reminder of the relationship that you have just finished explaining Discussion involves comparing the costs and benefits or the arguments for and against a particular economic policy or decision. There is a some math, however I don t expect you to replicate these in your exam.

Economics Exam Technique

We re thrilled that you ve decided to make us part of your homeschool curriculum. Are the effects likely to be merely transitory or will they have important long-term consequences? A the most popular economic statistics. You can skip one multiple choice More information. In Problem Set 4, Question 2-Part ewe already analysed the effect of an expansionary More information.


tutor2u ocr f585 case study toolkit for june 2014

Demonstrate understanding of macro-economic influences on the New Zealand economy Assessment criteria with Merit More information. UK real GDP per head. Think of allocating your time or money. Jine in the Blanks. We have too few resources to meet all of More information.

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The causes of unemployment demand and supply side causes The causes of inflation cost push and demand pull Reasons behind changes in the sterling exchange rate Factors that the Bank of England takes into account when setting interest rates Causes of economic growth in both the short run and the long run AD and LRAS causes Examiners will always reward students who make an attempt to use relevant economic analysis and make it clear that several factors affect a particular economic variable inflation, investment spending.

The case economics f the economy.

Fiscal policy is the use of government spending and taxation to influence the level of aggregate demand and economic activity List the main types More information. The Economics Curriculum More information. Inflation and Unemployment and Economic Policy a Explain why it is considered important to control inflation 20 marks b Discuss how a government s commitment More information. Accounting for these changes including identifying some data presented to you that might help to explain these changes 3.


Ed Sexton and Kerry Webb were the primary authors of the material contained in this lesson. Fiscal policy is the use of government spending and taxation to influence the level of aggregate demand and economic activity Macroeconomic policy Fiscal Policy What is fiscal policy?

Or in raising labour productivity and thereby improving the trend rate of economic growth? Fiscal Policy and Budget Deficits Note: Awareness of the different strategies available to governments to meet these objective i.

tutor2u ocr f585 case study toolkit for june 2014

Don t go right back to square one in your diagrams most of the examiners are economists! Indicate clearly which one Name: Specification Unit 2: If you want to More information.

And you will be expected to bring into your answers some wider knowledge on economics. Good candidates analyse the reasons for recent changes in the UK economy and propose possible solutions to macroeconomic problems. Finalised Marking Instructions Economics Intermediate 2 Finalised ing Instructions Scottish Qualifications Authority The information in this publication may be reproduced to support SQA qualifications only on a non-commercial More information.

Put your name and PeopleSoft ID on the blue book provided. Assessment Schedule Economics: What is the economist s toolkit? You are about to permanently study this story.

Multiple Choice 32 questions, 2.