It is to be evaluated by a panel of assessors comprising of the supervisor and an internal examiner from the college. In order to conduct a successful research, students need access to variety of resources that can contribute to their field of research. In addition, engineering and accounting degree programmes are designed to satisfy the requirements of the relevant professional bodies internationally and locally. The logbook will be evaluated. Though relatively new as a university, UNITEN is moving rapidly towards establishing itself as the regional centre of educational excellence. Candidates conduct research under academic supervisors and prepare a thesis to fulfill graduation requirements. Aim The aim of the final year project is to enhance the students knowledge and skills in solving problems through engineering based projects.

Project Extension Student can only request for extension of project in the case of emergency or serious medical reasons with valid official documents. Ability to present and discuss results; Ability to present a good report physical setup, language, tidiness. Welcome to the Postgraduate Channel. Nomination of thesis topic, supervisor and co-supervisor need to be submitted within 2 weeks after registration COGS 11A. Structure A research mode: The end product is a design or product. Cover of CD as in Appendix 3 ; Letter of Approval signed and stamped by supervisor and co-supervisor s.

Fyp Guidelines v9 May2013

There is example in the Appendix 1. There are no formal lectures associated with the course; hence students must be independent while conducting the course. Conclusion 1 paragraph o Summarize the project including the problem, motivation and proposed solution if any. If there are problems you have not yet been able to solve, explain your strategy for solving them and give tell the reader when you think you will have them solved.


In addition, formatt will have to complete a research project under academic supervisors and prepare a dissertation for the remaining part of the graduation requirements.

Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Communication Technology. Indicate the supervisors name and co-supervisor if any Subject: The thesis format can be obtained from the following website http: Similarity Check and Plagiarism. The Turnitin Similarity Report is to be submitted together with the hardbound thesis.

If the project proposal or progress report or thesis is due at 4. The support and commitment it receives from its holding company, TNB, has enabled it to accelerate the infrastructure development of the campus. References o List references used to compile proposal and references that will be used for project if already known.

Below is proposed outline on writing a progress report. To finish the progress report, you might add foramt sentence evaluating your progress thus far. If there have been earlier progress reports, you might make a brief reference to them. The Letter of Approval will be completed by your supervisor and co-supervisor s.

Academic Facilities and Resources Fully-equipped lecture halls and classrooms, seminar and conference rooms, engineering technology skills training workshops and laboratories, personal computer laboratories, multimedia facilities that include campus-wide Digital Interactive Multimedia Distribution System DIMDSan auditorium, and a multipurpose hall.

Abdul Rahim Ahmad every Wednesday from 6. Social, Recreational and Sport Facilities For Muslim students at the Putrajaya Campus, there is a mosque within walking distance from most of the student apartments.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) – Where To Study – Profile

The report will be allowed a maximum of 10 pages excluding appendices. Preliminary Background Study 1 3 paragraphs o What is the history of the problem? The outline should be taken as a general.


The campus has excellent indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities that include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, track and field event facilities, and fields for soccer, hockey and rugby as well as courts for tennis, badminton and sepak takraw. Failure to submit the thesis will result in failure of the course. Structure B mixed mode: It could define the general approach to how the project. The necessary level of competency of English is defined umiten one of the following: Proper time and project management is vital.

There is an example of Progress Report in the Appendix 2. Aim The aim of the final year project is to enhance the students knowledge and skills in solving problems through engineering based projects.

This section of a progress report explains what work has been done during the reporting period. Assessment Criteria for Project I Definition of the Final Year Project The Final Year Project FYP is an engineering project that is related to the students field of study and must be carried out by the student as partial fulfillment for the award of the bachelors degree.

uniten thesis format

The emphasis is towards producing professionals to fulfil the needs of the industry of commerce in particular and the nation in general. On-campus apartments are also available for married students.

uniten thesis format