Submission of thesis—procedures to be followed. Appendices are raw data illustrative of textual analysis. Augustine campus paid off. Association of College and Research Libraries. RClarke [at] library [dot] uwi [dot] tt. A record is made of each thesis received and the thesis channelled to the appropriate subject divisional Librarian there are four subject divisions in the Users’ Services Section—Engineering and Physical Sciences; Agriculture and Life Sciences; Humanities; Social Sciences.

It could establish geographical, cultural and ethnographical preferences. For more information, please refer to the help section , or the online Drupal handbooks. Augustine, Ordinance 7 was amended to provide for the deposit of two copies of each thesis accepted. Please follow these steps to set up and start using your website: They open the Teaching versus Research debate. This in turn helps the Academic Librarian to cope more adequately with reference enquiries that arise out of the discipline and makes it easier to fashion out a more amenable landscape in reference enquiries which are so vitally important in the pursuit of knowledge.

Augustine have been mandated by the Academic Board to scrutinise and if need be correct the preliminaries and subsidiaries of postgraduate theses. The Cave Hill, Barbados, campus was established in having Law as its main focus. Working under the aegis of the University Library Committee, the University Librarian is responsible for the co—ordination of library services of the university; the incumbent plays a co—ordination role, looking and seeing what could be done in unison and trying to do it.

At this point also, the Librarian gets his first dose of the jargon of the topic researched.

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They open the Teaching versus Research debate. With the dawn of the electronic age it is now fashionable, in the interest of speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, to create databases for theses and mount them on networked computers. Durability depends on the choice of binding and quality of the paper used. A list of the programmes is provided below.


I further understand that no information derived from the thesis may be published without acknowledgement. The University Council is the governing body of the university as a whole and sets out directional guidance and guidelines for the general running of the university.

If you decide to pursue a research degree, it is also important that the thesis topic chosen is of genuine and sustainable interest. Sc 14 70 84 Ph. University of the West Indies theses are available for public reference, inter—library loan and copying in accordance with relevant copyright legislation. Phil 11 12 23 Ph.

uwi thesis guide mona

For more information, please refer to the help sectionor the online Drupal handbooks. This article deals with the practice at St.

Length of thesis—variation by Faculty and level of degree. The Librarians’ Glossary defined a contents page as “a list of ‘preliminaries’ and chapter headings of a book in their correct order, or of articles in a periodical, with the numbers of the pages on which they begin.

Augustine Campus for the three—year period to It is no surprise then that St.

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Thereafter, thesiis Main Library at St. Dissemination of information about theses is vitally important. The first is how do you define, describe and quantify the kind of scholarship performed by academic librarians?

Phil 13 53 66 M. This will enable the Academic Librarian, at least initially, to determine whether the thesis is for instance, grounded in theory only and the degree to which it reflects interdisciplinarity. Forthwith, the Library administration commenced a guidee of the University’s policies and practice in handling theses and dissertations. Binding—materials to be used; lettering on front cover and spine; colour; size of lettering.


Augustine has sustained its omna methodology for microfilming theses. Augustine campus of The University of the West Indies for some two decades, is thesis checking. Softbound copies of theses submitted moan sent from the Office of Graduate Studies to the Co—ordinator of theses. The intention of these courses is to provide students with research techniques and skills that will not only help them to complete their current research topic, but strengthen their practical application skills for life after university.

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A bibliography is a compelling narrative that mirrors the growth, the vicissitudes, the efficacy of a discipline in time and space.

Thus, to avoid duplication of research endeavours, retrieval tools must be put in place which could then be searched to ascertain whether a particular aspect of knowledge has been researched or not! I understand that copying this thesis may constitute an infringement of the author’s rights, unless done with the written consent of the author or in accordance with provisions of the Copyright Act which expressly permit copying without the author’s consent.

Each thesus is funded by its respective home government. A good Academic Librarian must see beyond a bibliography as an inventory of publications pertinent to a particular discipline.