It was a hard time for Jordan and his family. Matthew sat down on the chair. When morning chores are finished it is time for lunch. He pushed the button on the alarm. Sometimes he will bark at me too. She will be four years old in October. She was bored doing her homework.

Kerr is dedicated too. He was a cashier in Bosnia, a chandelier salesman in Denmark, and a spear sharpener at a museum in Australia. They took marshmallows to the campfire. I work in my yard a lot. Germs are growing on the dishes. The woman was very happy with the jewelry Megan made for her.

We will play a game with cards. He told stories about jobs he had.

vocalic r homework

Cut the wire with pliers. Over 5, sentence stories in each of the eight 8 flip book set. She made sapphire jewelry.

The Entire World of R – Homework Ideas

It is always dark outside when we wake up, but the stars are pretty to look at. The chorus sang beautifully. At first, most of our class was nervous to do all of these crazy things, but after studying butter and dirt we were amazed at how himework science is. The shorts were on sale.


She is nice to share her ice cream. She used pliers, silver wire, and beautiful sapphires and other gems to make bracelets, rings, and earrings.

The star was hanging on the tree. One day when she was in town getting groceries, she saw a flyer posted in the store. This is a digital download. He was excited about how the money he received would help gather enough information to help more people in the future. She is holding an arrow.

Ms. Lane’s SLP Materials: Articulation: Vocalic R in Sentences Flash Cards

Since then we have done everything together – graduated, worked, and started a family. Let’s go play by the sea shore.

vocalic r homework

Please share this if it helps you: Addresses skills such as capitalization, ABC order, punctuation, categorization, synonyms and antonyms. We are having corn for dinner. The cashier is giving change to the customer. This list of functional words was professionally selected to be the most useful for a child or adult who has difficulty with producing the “Vocalic R” sound. It was where he shot his first arrow, ran his first marathon, saw his first bear, and bought his first parrot.


The girl next to me and I agree that we will miss Mr.

He won first place. A square has four sides. The sign says gomework of dog. Great for middle and high school students as well as English-as-a-second language practice. The sheriff took the robber to jail. You can choose to play many sports. The fence had barb wire on it. The man with the beard had traveled everywhere. Jordan has a cool but dangerous job.

The Entire World of R – Homework Ideas

He also likes to surprise our class with opportunities to learn. The girl is sitting on the pink chair. This is a Digital Download only.