I no longer need funding or my project has been cancelled: Goals of TJ include establishing an accurate historical record truth , facilitating healing for survivors, deterring future crimes and abuses, instituting democracy, and reintegrating perpetrators and survivors into society reconciliation. How does your research build on existing scholarship in anthropology and closely related disciplines? General Criteria of Evaluation. I also found that expectations of the TJ process varied significantly among different Native groups. Coupled with this, the Vancouver area has a large immigrant population, and no knowledge of residential schools or Indigenous assimilation is mentioned on the citizenship test; this knowledge is understood by many Indigenous people to be vital in sustainable social change and peacebuilding between Indigenous peoples the community at large, the government and the churches.

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Start and end dates of project for which support is While my initial focus was on Residential School survivors, I quickly realized that because of the intergenerational dimensions of Indian Residential School forced assimilation, sexual abuse, and physical abuse, all members of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities were affected to some degree by the Residential School Era. Examples of current rights-related issues that were illuminated in the pilot research include differential access to resources and discriminatory removal of Native children from their homes.

Sundar argues that tools such as TRCs do not contribute to justice because TRC work depends on whose interests are being served by the political construction of the TRC and its mandate, and Wilson brings to light the potential disparities in goals between survivors and faciltators. Dissertation Fieldwork Grants are awarded to aid doctoral or thesis research. If you do not yet have a grant, but would like information about these programs and how to apply, please click here.


An identifiable, recurring pattern may be that dissertatino there is a relationship between current human rights issues and Indigenous perceptions of TJ effectiveness, felowships facilitators dossertation either unaware of these concerns or have reason to disregard them. Among Indigenous community leaders there was an expectation that non- Indigenous Canadians would be participating intensively, as would the churches that shared responsibility for the operation of the residential schools.

Candidates for the Dissertation Fieldwork Grants must be enrolled in a program leading to a doctoral degree, and must complete all requirements for the degree other than the dissertation.

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wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

Because transitional justice frameworks employed in non-transitional contexts have received little scholarly attention, a more robust understanding of justice and reconciliation can be achieved through an examination of TJ impacts in such circumstances. The interview findings were bolstered by participant observation and observation of numerous events that were hosted by members of the Indigenous community, non-profit organizations, the TRCC, and organizations of frllowships Vancouver Downtown Eastside area.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

Additional archival research will include analysis of primary sources such as press releases, reports from the previously listed fellowahips organizations, TRCC reports, and reports published by the Aboriginal Healing Founding, in addition to secondary literature on both this topic and related TJ studies.


In contrast, Indigenous people who worked in academia found many of the TJ initiatives appropriate, and a number of Indigenous people were unaware of the TRCC.

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Two similarly-situated, grassroots-driven TRCs are currently operating in Detroit, Michigan to investigate racially-segregated government housing, and finally the first U. Click here to sign up. Topic concerns current application season. Does the Foundation require Letters of Recommendation for my project?

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Wenner gren dissertation fieldwork fellowships

Rent Fieldworj in communal house, Vancouver, B. By coding themes, I am identifying nominal variables. Research has gone so far as to suggest TJ methods may harm human rights endeavors and that facilitators lawyers, anthropologists, TRC officials may also make choices that are detrimental to the reconciliation process JefferyLundy and McGovernOlsonRobinsStover and Shigekane Is my Grant or Fellowship taxable?