And maybe with pictures this time. This, basically, is an essay. Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World What is it? Unlike Unit 2, the Unit 5 exam is not multiple choice. Our instructor waited a few minutes past the

Attending the Wine Bloggers Conference. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I want to find more enjoyable! Before writing out my answers to the theory questions, I sketched out my thoughts on a scratch piece of paper. I started out with a detailed study plan I realize this is not shocking. Seriously though — who the hell handwrites these days?! This was definitely a highlight of — and one I hope to add more names to in !

Change their mind at the last minute? There is no induction class currently scheduled, check back for updates or email info neptunewine. The above is the layout of the WSET Diploma, the most demanding and high level course available through this institution. After finishing Unit 5 I asked myself — would I study any differently? Given how arguably prescriptive WSET is on most things, whether they agree with my reading of the questions remains to be seen.

I followed Winetravel on Instagram for quite awhile before realizing that she lived in Orange County where I was moving to and was originally from my beloved Washington state where I was moving from. My class was a broad overview of sparkling wines — from different production methods, to Champagne sub-regions, to common labeling terminology.

As a going away present, the owner and staff gave me a gorgeous saber and a bottle of Blanquette de Limoux a sign perhaps? DO make yourself a roadmap. These were the three wines on my the exam posted recently on the WSET website:. Your accumulated passes will carry forward after being reviewed by the WSET.


WSET Diploma – Outwines

Purely hypothetically, of course. The Unit 1 questions were general in a way that allowed you room to manoeuvre, think and argue.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

However, I got so wrapped up in writing slowly and legibly and nailing my aromas was this ripe pear? Candidates are poured duploma sparkling wines from anywhere in the world and have to write tasting notes on each one in the approved WSET format. Speaking or writing of Unit 6, one thought I had was how radically different this exam was when compared to the essay part of the Fortified Wines exam. Seriously though — who the hell handwrites these days?!

Joining The Vintner Project. We also have to write, by November, a word essay.

Unit 4 — Spirits of the World What is it? Cheers to a delicious !!

wset diploma unit 1 case study

A few specific instances are lower, but in general, it has quite a strong pass rate. As I mentioned casw my previous post on the Diploma, Unit 2 is required to be taken before any of the other five Units are attempted. The WSET Diploma is designed to give an incredibly solid understanding and knowledge of every major aspect of the wine industry and I have to say, thus far it has met this lofty goal.


This, basically, is an essay. This was definitely a highlight of — and one I hope to add more names to in ! The foundation of the entire wine industry; the biology of growing the grapes and the chemistry of turning them into wine.

Thoughts on: The WSET Diploma

Unit 2 — Viticulture and Vinfication: Students are registered for three years. I wanted to keep what I learned at 11 forefront of my brain so it was easy to recall, because believe me, at 45 I have amassed a lot of useless crap in there.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top 10 wine experiences of This made my handwriting worse than normal — which on a good sgudy is barely legible see example at left. But after spending too much time on tasting, I felt rushed when I started in on theory.

Social media, exams and wine: Reflections on the WSET Diploma Unit 1 Case Study – Anthroenology

The pressure cawe building and I just want to let all this information about sparkling wine fly out of my brain like CO2 frantically escaping its glass bottle. There are also those who simply like to drink them. Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World. Past exam topics have been: