The reaction must correspond to the correct stimulus Longest duration. Grafman J, Robertson IH, editors. A longitudinal study of visual expectation and reaction time in the first year of life. Journal of Experimental Psychology The relation between the magnitude of stimulus and the time of reaction. September Reaction time has a been a favorite subject of experimental psychologists since the middle of the nineteenth century reviewed in Deary et al. We carried out this study in two groups:

Psychologists have named three basic kinds of reaction time experiments Luce, ; Welford, Drug and Alcohol Dependence 63 2: In congenital blind group, simple mean auditory reaction time are slower in horn sound stimulus and bell sound stimulus than control grouped whereas in ring sound stimulus and whistle sound stimulus, simple mean auditory reaction time are faster than the control group [ Table 1 ]. The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether gender affected the hand-eye coordination of sixth grade boys and girls males have a faster reaction time than females Kosinski, Robert J Gender A Literature Review on Reaction Time November, 20, Many factors such as physiological, psychological, pharmacological etc. Welford speculates on the reason for slowing reaction time with age.

Correlations between hand preference and durations of hearing for right and left ears in young healthy subjects. The preferred hand was generally faster.

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Relationship between postconcussion headache and neuropsychological test performance in high school athletes. Also, if a subject makes an kpsinski like pressing the spacebar before the stimulus is presentedsubsequent reaction times are slower, as if the subject is being more cautious. Simple auditory reaction time response with four different type of sound was recorded in both groups.


Relations between heart rate, reaction speed, and subjective effort at different work loads on a bicycle ergometer. Effect of age, gender and body mass index on visual and auditory reaction times in Indian population. Subjects were explained and demonstrated about the procedure to be performed. Reaction time is the time interval between the application of a stimulus and A review of the literature on the effect of low doses of alcohol on Kosinski RJ.

For this reason, the possibility that the blind possess a particular sensitivity with reference to touch and hearing is often assumed; it is therefore implied that the blind might be superior to the sighted in tasks in which touch and hearing are the most important performance elements.

A Comparative Study of Simple Auditory Reaction Time in Blind (Congenitally) and Sighted Subjects

Mehtaand C. On instruments for 1 testing perception of differences of tint and for 2 determining reaction time.

The American Journal of Physiology 1: In an experiment using a computer mouse, Peters and Ivanoff reactionn that right-handed people were faster with their right hand as expectedbut left-handed people were equally fast with both hands. In the Reaction Time program, the delay is never more than about 3 sec, but these authors report that even giving 5 minutes of warning helps.

a literature review on reaction time by robert j. kosinski

World Appl Sci J. Preattentive processing and cognitive ability. Gender differences in choice reaction time: Nil Conflict of Interest: Exercise can affect reaction time. Buchsbaum and Calloway found that reaction time was faster reactuon the stimulus occurred during expiration than during inspiration.


It evaluates the processing speed of central nervous system CNS and coordination between the sensory and motor systems. The revieww of alpha- 2-piperidyl benzhydrol hydrochloride Meratran on psychomotor performance in a group of aged males.

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Brydenusing right-handed people only, found that task difficulty did not affect the reaction time difference between the left and right hands. Skip to search form Skip to main content. Orienting auditory spatial attention engages frontal eye fields and medial occipital cortex in congenitally blind humans.

It is not just simple mechanical factors like the speed of nervous conduction.

Time for auditory and visual stimuli to reach the brain

For about years, the accepted figures for mean simple reaction times for college-age individuals have been about ms 0. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 5: Following precaution was taken during data collection: Effects of age, step direction, and timw condition on the ability to step quickly.

Neuroticism as mental noise: This is in line with many studies concluding that a complex stimulus e. Gender differences in choice reaction time: I also apologize to reaction time researchers for omissions and oversimplifications.

a literature review on reaction time by robert j. kosinski