It has slowly evolved. Harvard Business School Publishing. Presents one company’s efforts to apply a project management software organization, or PMO, and also the challenges they faced by doing this. Keep on sharing… Thanks!!! Along with that the current managers can be trained for the PMO implementation to make it effective without hiring new staff as the company has limited resources available. At present the responsibilities limited to IT projects.

Culture plays perhaps the biggest role in whether the organization is successful in executing projects. Presents one company’s efforts to implement a project management organization, or PMO, and the challenges they faced in doing so. CNMC has been exploiting mineral resources in Zambia since , becoming one of the most important copper industry enterprises in the country. Not all of the senior executives were equally enthused about the PMO concept. Program Boundaries, Constraints and Assumptions: Please be sure to include your own name in the filename, last name first then first initial for example:

In the past IT projects were handled internally by the current staff members carrying project management responsibilities.

An efficient project manager is required for the good management of a project. Cite View Details Educators Purchase. About the Author F. It can sometimes feel like ofgice are running from one meeting to another and that your time is often wasted.

There is not enough executive stakeholder support; there is no visibility of the program; there is a conflict of interests within departments; people are reluctant to change the ways they have been doing things. Why or why not?

AtekPC Project Management Office

I would show an analysis of moving from a single project perspective to a more holistic perspective with the help of the following factors critical to the success of the PMO; I. How much PM is enough PM? The most robust structure usually requires reporting directly to the President or CEO of the managemejt for maximum effectiveness.


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In my view The AtekPC PMO Case

For PMO heavy model: When we let fear and adherence to inappropriate rigid standards that drive decision making then everyone loses. Newer Post Older Post Home.

atekpc project management office case study

It is surprisingly easy to receive a debt help. Also there are political conflicts as well, with managers pffice about the PMO getting to much authority. Governance ; Nonprofit Organizations. FAQ How much do I earn?

The AtekPC Project Management Office

Program Name and Sponsorship: Warren, Mark Keil, and John Hupp. John Strider, Chief Information Office. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Certain aspects of non-profit governance are widely pervasive across all non-profits, while all others are idiosyncratic to specific sub-groups of non-profits.

atekpc project management office case study

The PMO must exist within Information Technology organization and provide project support for all Enterprise IT projects and its clients across the company. The AtekPC Project Management Office Case Study was assigned for this class to provide an overview of the challenges faced by management in the development and deployment of a PMO in an existing company.

Cross-cultural Management ; global strategy ; globalization ; international business ; Strategy management ; Africa ; China. Issues brought out in the case include defining the PMO’s purpose and mission, the structure and governance of the PMO, and how to successfully implement it in what appears to be a resistant culture. In the current governance, there seem to be n o roadmaps or timelines for maturation of the PMO, people did not know who PMO was accountable to, and there was weak support from the senior executives.


Corporate cultural change had been informal. The benefit for a program management has been recognized as changes and new challenges within the IT industry forced AtekPC to focus on IT improvements, efficiency, resource utilization, cost managementconsulting, mentoring, and training.

Keep Management and Project Community informed. A centralized structure that does nothing more than report status will add too much overhead to the institution. It has slowly evolved. Therefore, managers and their organizations have inadequate guidance to help them identify and overcome the obstacles they are likely to encounter.

To provide standardization in managing large complex projects and managrment gain improvements in planning and performance of initiatives. The Project Management approach can be measured by quality and timeliness of project planning documents, accuracy of time and cost estimates and effectiveness at mentoring and coaching project teams.

Issues presented within the situation include determining the PMO’s purpose and mission, the dwelling and governance from the PMO, and just how to effectively carry it out with what seems to become a resistant culture.