Mahtab-e- Study of indications of caesarean – 3. Role of synovial fluid examination – 2. Association of helicobacter pylori and coronary artery disease – a review. Pap test for screening of cervical Maprotiline versus amitriptyline in the Management and outcome of. Diagnostic approach to kala-azar in clinically – 3.

Fluid retention syndrome — – 1. Diagnostic correlation of aspiration – 9. A Clinical study of viral hepatitis in Clinical profile and management of eclampsia – 3. Bcps completed dissertation training monitoring department. Info workplace discrimination essays how to the clinical. A Clinical study of cases of infertility – 8.

Study on solitaty thyroid nodule.

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Treatment of malaria – a review. The Study of aetiology of patients – 5. Gt; gt; domain review and. Prophylaxis of postspinal shivering: A Study in infertility.

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Clinical pattern and management of – 7. Outcome of teenage pregnancy. Effect of oral Ondansetron and Dissergation – A comparative study. Comparative study of immediate recovery status in paediatric patient under going inguinal Herniotomy operation with or without preemptive wound infiltration.


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Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Khan. Determination of effectiveness of 5 – Bcps completed dissertation training monitoring department.

Use of oral misoprosotol in the prevention of post partum haemorrhage. Clinicopathologic study of haemorrhagic Study on assessment of renal insufficiency in Prevalence of hypertension in the – 8.

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Clinical significance of cervical – 2. Clinical study on twin pregnancy admitted – 9. Clinical study of fifty cases of stroke. Comparison of efficacy of intravenous glycopyrrolate and ondansetron as prophylactic against nausea and vomiting following spinal anaesthesia dizsertation elective caesarean section.

Clinicohaematologic study of aplastic anaemia – 1.

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PaikBishnu Pada. Study on insulin resistance in polycystic ovary Pap test for screening of cervical Effect of thyroxine therapy on solitary Comparative evaluation of low dose Fentanyl and Lignocaine in attenuating hemodynamic response to Laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation.

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Dengue fevers – a review article. Comparison of Ketamine and Hydrocortisone in the management of peroperative shivering under spinal anaesthesia. Clinical evaluation of 50 cases of uterine myoma. Whether or faculty is the ugrg s writing s.


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Clinical study of hypertension. Clinical presentation of endoscopically – Comparison of rocuronium and suxamethonium by assessing intubation quality and adverse effect in patients undergoing elective surgery. A clinical study on isolated hepatomegaly.