There are 40 Idaho medical students total spread out among the 4 years. List as many worthwhile experiences as you can. How many Montana and Wyoming medical students matriculate each year? Unfortunately, we do not offer tours of the Health Science Education Building. Application fees are nonrefundable. If I was on the alternate list last year, does this mean I will be accepted this year? How many people are usually admitted from the alternate list?

Can I take time off to pursue other opportunities? Applicants will be notified of acceptance after October How can I withdraw my application? Is the application to the University of Utah School of Medicine available online? Re-evaluate who you asked to write your letters of recommendation. Can I stay with my family during this rotation?

If I was on the alternate list last year, does this mean I will be accepted this year? Do I have to complete my required premedical coursework before I can apply?

byu premedical coursework

How you balance outside activities byj responsibilities with school work are an indicator of your ability to deal with the rigors of life as a physician. Are there any extra fees associated with Idaho students? I am on the alternate list; can I call and get an update? Although we do not accept premedical committee letters, we will accept up to four individual letters that are included in the packet.


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The courwework of applicants admitted from the alternate list varies from year to year. It can be from a professor you researched with or a professor that you worked with as a teaching assistant. Acceptance to the University of Utah School of Medicine is contingent on satisfactory results of a criminal background check. What letters of recommendation are required?

We will forward them to Graduate Admissions. Applicants will be notified of acceptance after October Were you able to provide hands-on patient care or was your experience superficial? The State of Idaho determines residency status. They demonstrate heart dissection, suturing, etc.

byu premedical coursework

Do you accept international students? Will this impact my acceptance?

Yes, but they must be official transcripts. Interviews begin in September and continue until the end of February. The University of Utah School of Medicine practices Holistic Review, meaning we take into account other measures when evaluating applicants. How many preemedical are usually admitted from the alternate list? Please send your transcripts directly to the School of Medicine Office of Admissions.

Your application will be considered stronger if you have objective individuals write your letters. Do I need a college degree to apply to your medical school?

The committee also has an interest in your motivation for attending medical school. Not all types of electives are available in Idaho, but many are, depending on the geographical area.


Frequently Asked Questions

During the admissions process, changes to your planned degree s must be submitted in writing via email at deans. Applicants may reapply to the University of Utah School of Medicine as many times as they would like. Expose yourself to enough of the profession so that you understand the life you are choosing. What if I choose to withdraw from your school after I have accepted your offer?

Can I use one of my activities to count for two or more of the required activities? Who determines Idaho residency status? We will work with your nyu advisor to provide you with the information you need. Experiences planned in the future cannot be listed.

Participating in research is an opportunity for you to explore your intellectual curiosity.

byu premedical coursework

We review each situation on a case-by-case basis, but for the majority of rotations, we can supply a limited amount of funds to help offset travel costs.