Recruitment Process In Consulting Comapny. It resulted in great changes in the US regulations,. At midnight the MIC started to leak from the safety valves of the tank. Union Carbide and Indian government continued this claim till One month later, 18 workers exposed to MIC leakage [1].

All of them gave warnings about bad management, poor maintenance, poor training and careless about safety regulations. This was enough to halve the pressure till adding agents to neutralize as much MIC as possible, and warn the people outside the plant to run away. Bhopal gas tragedy Readings were taken each two hours, nor each hour as in the operating manual. Promotions were halted, seriously affecting employee [6 ]. This feature is the water curtain spray. Co – is a free business resource network and community to help professionals learn and grow.

Governmental estimates in talk about injuries include of temporary partial injuries and severely disabling injuries. Complete details on reading body language – pdf download 2 Replies 4 Files. The concrete around the tanks started to crack.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Poor management systems 2. If water for any reason enters the tank, it will react with MIC. In the original manual, the measures should be done each one hour not two.

This valve is a rapture disc type allows the gas to go to the next mitigation step. Bhopal gas tragedy – US court rejects case against Union Carbide.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

Several factors contribute to cause such a huge disaster, such as: UCC and the investigation firm tried to reproduce the water flushing theory by they failed. In this scrubber the gas entering from its lower part is sprayed by caustic soda solution which can neutralize the MIC and convert it to harmless material. These were management and ethics.


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Other leaks happened and Only one gas scrubber was operating, during the disaster it was in standby mode. All of them gave warnings about bad management, poor maintenance, poor training and careless about safety regulations. These sliding plates are rtagedy to prevent any quantity of water from entering the tank when cleaning the MIC transferring pipe by flushing with water. Carbon steel valves and pipes were used in the factory.

There are two theories explaining how water entered the tank Membership is required for download. In the available references and official reports, there is a lot of variation about the number of ccase and different theories about the reason of the initial event caused that disaster.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Ppt Download

In the plant was visited by a group of American experts; they warned UCC about the possibility of ran-away reaction in the MIC storage tanks. Home New Signup Login. The water curtain which was supposed to reduce the amount of MIC escaping out of the plant was not efficient. In addition, practicing and graduating chemical engineers became closer to the process safety and environmental issues through the educational development and scientific research. This includes the MIC storage tank refrigeration system which could prevent this disaster.


If water comes in contact with MIC a run-away reaction starts which increases the reaction temperature, as a result the reaction rate increases more and more. The people started to wake up when the gas started to suffocate them.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

For this reason proper cooling should be available in MIC storage tanks and water should be prevented from entering tragexy vessel containing MIC. Investigators were prevented to meet Indian employees. This because there is uncertainty about how water entered the tank In contrast, similar plants in the USA had 4 times the number of vent gas scrubbers in the Bhopal plant.

Create Account Using Your Email. This was the reason of malfunctioning of a lot of safety devices; need to sequence dangerous water flushing of pipes.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

To minimize operating cost, the refrigeration unit was shut down by setting the temperature set point to 20 C instead of the 4. Pipes that transfer MIC from the production unit to the storage tanks has a special valves of flanges with sliding plates.