Alarmed by the climate change and global warming and their understanding of that dairy farming like agriculture is dependent on nature, they took an oath on 15th August, , after the flag hoisting ceremony, to plant a sapling and ensure that it grew into a tree. In , third year of their movement, more than 13,51, saplings have been planted. Replication of Anand Pattern through Operation Flood programme helped India to achieve first position in production of milk in the world. Integral strategies in ensuring substantive long-term results include: Corporate social responsibility is represented by the contributions undertaken by companies to society through its business activities and its social investment. Kurien in with a donation of Rs. Log In Sign Up.

Click here to sign up. This effort has motivated greatly children to excel in their studies and spread education in rural areas. Government subsidies and incentives often further complement and reward efforts to develop and implement successful sustainable operations and maintenance programs. I take immense pleasure in thanking my thesis guide Prof. A press note was prepared by the coordinator of the programme at MU level and which were given in the newspapers on a day before tree plantation to boost morale of producer members and mentally prepare them for the execution of programme on next day.

Through various communication media farmer members were made aware of benefits of tree plantation and tree plantation activity schedule The entire plantation activity was coordinated at all the three tiers of Anand pattern – at village, district studj state level dairy cooperatives. Oh one to one talk with the farmers, the distributors and salesmen realise AMUL is a large business of small farmers.

First tree plantation programme 15th August, was carried out on “one member, One tree” basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

Village level coordinators were identified caase they were trained to streamline activity of tree plantation. When 3 million dairy farmers of Gujarat have planted more than The Birth of Amul.


case study on csr of amul

Through one to one talk with the farmers, the distributors and salesmen czse AMUL is a large business of small farmers. To meet with the CSR it is expected that a business in its entire procurement-production-processing-marketing chain should focus on human development involving the producer, the worker, the supplier, the consumer, the civil society, and the environment.

The programme was conducted on “One member, Five tree” basis. I take immense pleasure in thanking my thesis guide Prof.

During this visit they are shown dairy plants, their upkeep, international standards of hygiene and quality; the practices adopted for clean milk production, and above all the cooperative philosophy.

Amul Scholar Felicitation Programme: By doing so, milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives have shown their concern, awareness and commitment for betterment of environment. Supply Chain Management Educating employees on sustainability practices throughout the supply chain can lead to greater efficiencies and help build collaboration to meet sustainability, quality and other goals.

CSR Initiatives

It caused death of thousands of people, tens of thousands were injured, hundreds of thousands were rendered homeless and damage of billions of Rupees was done. In last five years to the milk producers have planted around Help Center Find new research papers in: For smooth implementation of the idea, the design team chalked out the road map for various activities.

Educating employees on CSR can improve profitability by supporting greater efficiency through less waste, water and energy usage. They feel proud that they are participants in development of rural society and thus in nation building.

case study on csr of amul

GCMMFwhich today is jointly owned by 3. The net positive on reducing waste, designing green buildings, implementing green operations and maintenance plans — all have continually proven to yield a positive return on investment ROI.

CSR Initiatives

Competency Building Module of the GCMMF is meant to infuse professional selling skills by making the distributors and their salesmen aware of latest sales management tools and techniques; enhance their knowledge of products; positioning and segmentation strategies for various products. Through communicating clear and measurable sustainability objectives and the implementation of practical and equally functional corporate governance mechanisms, organizations are realizing that they can have a achieve ROI through their sustainability efforts.


Amul became the world’s largest vegetarian cheese and the largest pouched-milk brand. Second tree plantation programme 15th August, in which around They also ensured that saplings reach the VDCSs before 3 days.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

In AugustAmul introduced Kool Koko, a chocolate milk brand extending its product offering in the milk products segment. The GCMMF realised that it was a corporate social responsibility to strengthen the core business processes of its distributors so as to keep them in mainstream business and dtudy with those with formal training in management.

Their relentless effort in improving their socio-economic conditions ultimately brought their working as a model for dairy development programme in our country — popularly stusy as Anand Pattern.

By doing so, milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives have shown their concern, awareness and commitment for betterment of environment.

The circular was placed on notice board of VDCSs. The dairy cooperatives have been able to maintain democratic structure at least at the grass-root level with the management committee of the village level unit elected from among the members in majority of the villages.

In the year21, saplings were planted by the farmers in Kaira of which 10, plants have survived. So as to maximise the csd of the milk producers the GCMMF changes the product profile during the fiscal and directs its sales and marketing activities towards those stuy that would bring in maximum returns.