It used to be about the hardware. And she uses data to measure the success of every major reform in the past 20 years, demonstrating exactly why most of them have been really bad ideas. If you ever want an update on the most important thing happening in education right now, go to her blog and it will be there. License and Disclaimer Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. What they are saying about TeachPaperless ThinkSocial:

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Today, she has already posted seven times. A friend of mine posted a video on Facebook that was slamming the Common Core, and it caught me off guard. A new definition of Computational Thinking: And so, what do we do about this?

By studying those scores more closely, Ravitch shows that those who interpret them have made some pretty big leaps to perpetuate the failure myth.

critical thinking you need knowledge by diane ravitch summary

Our schools can close the achievement gap, and have in many cases. An idea stolen directly from Tim Calvin’s “SitRep” posts.

What matters most in the use of our brains is our capacity to make generalizations, to see beyond our own immediate experience.

And you shouldn’t use the term, because you don’t believe in Christian coffee, Christian breath mi Remember when MOOCs were going to transform higher education? I find it hard to believe that you fail to recognize the irony. Well, we start by admitting that the ultimate goal here should be in preparing the next generation for whatever it may face in the future.


critical thinking you need knowledge by diane ravitch summary

Book ReviewsHot TopicsLeadership. I have walked and teetered right off the fine line of impartiality by delving into the Ravitch camp. Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech. That is not accurate at all. That and the student who has little interest in a broad education in areas not pertinent to their job description. Ina federal government report scoffed at rravitch education as lacking relevance.

If you look at any current reading program, you will see explicit skill instruction. So glad you joined us here. You are commenting using your Google account.

Diane Ravitch: Critical thinking? You need knowledge

The demographics are interesting. Inevitably, putting a priority on skills pushes other subjects, including history, literature, and the arts, to the margins. And while they are not perfect, they have proved that the schools that educate poor, minority students do not have to be disorderly and dispiriting institutions.

I shared your blog as a resource on our FB page. How Ordinary Teachers Become Activists. I agree that teacher quality is being ignored in many conversations because summayr teachers get labelled under the same umbrella. So, the argument becomes: Although lots of teachers are already out there, debating these issues, more informed voices are needed.

critical thinking you need knowledge by diane ravitch summary

Does this in any way preclude the learning of content? I would definitely like to learn more.

Critical thinking? You need knowledge – The Boston Globe | Computing Education Research Blog

Thinking critically involves comparing and contrasting rsvitch synthesizing what one has learned. Well, here are my thoughts I’ve published this previously, but in lieu of the discussion at hand, I think it’s worth reposting rather than re-inventing the wheel: Although charter schools are supposed to technically be public schools, summxry newer ones receive huge donations from corporations, and recent legislation in several states, like Ohio and Louisiana, basically allows these schools to take public funds with absolutely zero public oversight.


But that should be obvious by now. Can’t heed what you are looking for? And a great deal of knowledge is necessary before one can begin to reflect on its meaning and look for alternative explanations. For the past century, our schools of education have obsessed over critical-thinking skills, projects, cooperative learning, experiential learning, and so on.

Why Teachers Need to Know Diane Ravitch

I teach Latin, and I like to say that I’m using 21st century skills to teach Ancient skills and vice-versa. A basic understanding of logic is necessary to be able to read critically and knowldge with coherence.

In the second half of the book, Ravitch details what she thinks should be happening instead of privatization: