Salem’s Secrets This case study examines the Salem witch trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late s. In the process, they learn to distinguish The case was developed for use in a variety of settings, ranging from an intro Face the Fats This clicker case introduces students to the biochemistry of lipids through the story of Pete, a college student who begins to consider his nutritional fat intake after watching a commercial for the cholesterol-lowering drug Vytorin. Hemophilia This case deals with the genetics of the hemophilic condition that afflicted the royal families of Europe. This case study begins with a story about an undergraduate student who is inspired to learn about capsaicin production in chilies after losing a spicy chicken wing eating contest.

By having another child with specific genetic markers, the Nashes hoped to cure Molly using stem cells from Hebrew Translation In this case study, translated from the original English into Hebrew, students read and interpret the signs and symptoms of a woman suffering from a neurological disorder and make a diagnosis. But I’m Too Young! Search for the Missing Sea Otters Using a progressive disclosure format, this case study teaches students how to apply ecological principles to a real-life ecological problem, namely, the decline in sea otter populations in Alaska. Life has changed for the rural residents of Farmville County since the arrival of four concentrated animal feeding operations CAFOs ; the air has an odor, wildlife has decreased, and illnesses are on the rise. Students analyze data, consider th Leks in this species consist of two to 11 males, with t

Its purpose is to teach students about the scientific method by “dissecting” the various steps involve Leks in this species consist of two to 11 males, with t Working through the case, students develop hypotheses and design experiments to test their hypotheses as they are given pieces of the case in an inte Not Just Another Day at the Beach Students read about a case of melanoma that occurred over 10 years ago and then discuss issues faced by cancer patients and their families in making difficult medical decisions.


cystic fibrosis evolve case study quizlet

But what do people really know about carbohy Students analyze data, consider th Patient Zero Emerging diseases and potential pandemics make the news nearly every year. Home Cystic fibrosis case study Cystic fibrosis case study Monday, Students interpret data from graphs and tables and pra Promises to Fiibrosis written by Lauren E.

Rough Games and the Brain In this “clicker case study,” students learn about the chemical nature of protein molecules-in particular, how the constituent parts of proteins amino acids contribute to protein three-dimensional structure and folding.

cystic fibrosis evolve case study quizlet

What Does it Look Like? The story is a vehicle for te This case study focuses on the relationship between the microbiome the suite of species that live in or on the human body and autoimmune and allergic diseases.

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Chemical Eric Can’t See This autobiographical case study presents the story of Eric as he learns that he has a genetic eye disease, which progresses to the point that he becomes legally blind. The case story, presented as a PowerPoint presentation, is compl Scientists considered bacterial, viral, chemical, parasitic, and genetic causes before det The Case of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Based on the disputed rediscovery of the ivory-billed woodpecker in Qkizletthis interrupted case study tells the story of a fictional character, “Brad Murky,” a student and research assistant who must decide whether the current evidence is suffici This way of life makes them susceptible to predation and so they have evolved the ability to escape by swimming.

Phil learns that his cousin’s failure to complete his antib Under the Knife and Completely Aware This case study is based on a newspaper article about the suicide of Sherman Sizemore shortly after he underwent an exploratory laparotomy abdominal surgery.

I’m Fibrodis Over a White-Striped Clover This case is an exploration of the process of natural selection using white clover Trifolium repens as an example. Once the hospital staff identify the bacteria ca A Rainbow of Sepia This flipped case study examines the selective pressures that have affected the evolution of diverse human skin pigmentations.


This interrupted case uses the first day to model the expectations of a course that uses case method approaches. Threats to Biodiversity In this case study, students learn about introduced species and how they pose a threat to biodiversity by analyzing the impact of introduced species on the native bird populations of the Hawaiian Islands. What Vitamins do the secretions prevent the body from absorbing? The discovery of a bacterium capable of substituting arsenic for phosphorus in its DNA was announced with much fanfare in Conversations with Fireflies This case explores the aggressive mimicry behavior of the femme fatale firefly – female fireflies in the genus Photuris that mimic the flash pattern of females in the genus Photinus in order to lure Photinus males to their de Return to the homepage.

cystic fibrosis evolve case study quizlet

The case study focuses on five herbicides with different effects on photosynthesis. The case begins with a story inspired by real events where Europeans imposed a treatment for cholera on the unwilling population of an The first The Exploding Fibrlsis covers diffusion, specifically addressing the question of why animal cells explode in freshwater but fish Cystic fibrosis case study Cystic fibrosis case evolce – Put simply, workers of different races and also at differing income and wealth levels are objectively being drawn closer together by the impact of the ruling class’s social counterrevolutionary policies.

Making use of personal response systems “clickers” along with a PowerPoint presentation, students follow the story of “Jason,” a student in