Hellow any one can help me in essay answers i am stuck. Can someone email the total module for B2: What are the benefits of cadmium plating? If anyone have any data of every module please contact me haflidi88 gmail. Even though this stage is characterized by brain activity similar to a person who is awake, the person is even more difficult to awaken than stage 4. Describe the procedure to refuel a medium sized passenger jet Include all safety checks that should be observed. With a complex system, it should still be clear to an aircraft maintenance engineer what the systems purpose is.

The disadvantages of shift working are mainly associated with: Really helpful if u can share with me module 16 piston engine question.. Lack of awareness Think of what may occur in the event of an accident. Rasul Mohamad October 14, at 5: Sleep is even deeper and the sleeper is now quite unresponsive to external stimuli and so is difficult to wake. Anonymous 28 April at

In brief, the possible signs of stress can include: Anonymous 21 March at Do they have the skills and proficiency necessary to complete the task? People weigh up the perceived risks against the perceived benefits, unfortunately the actual risks can be much higher.

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Effective task and shift handover depends on three basic elements: Rashan Namal 2 August at Alcohol, Medication and Drug Abuse Performance will be affected by alcohol, medication or illicit drugs. Individual light requirements doubles with age. Describe in detail your actions after finding a landing gear strut low. Whilst all essential information especially the detailed status of tasks should be recorded in written form, it is also important to pass this information verbally ewsa order to reinforce it.


easa m9 essay

Discuss work to be done or what has been completed. Ideally the procedure should provide for sufficient time to be made available by way of a essah overlap, depending on the complexity of task s to be handed over.

Anonymous 28 April at Under both UK and JAA legislation it is an offence for safety critical personnel to carry out their duties whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Describe in detail the fault rectification process essat how all the work should be recorded. Istvan Kovacs 13 December at Skill-based behaviors are those that rely on stored routines or motor programs that have been learned with practice and may be executed without conscious thought.

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What inspections would you carryout to it during servicing? Flight crews are mostly homogenous by nature, in that they are similar in education level and experience, relative to their maintenance counterparts. An organogram of the structure may be helpful 8. His comprehension may be that the lavatory fill cap could be missing or the drain line leaking. Can anyone send me the answers for these questions to my email.


Stages are categorized as slow-wave sleep and appear to relate to body restoration, whereas REM sleep seems to aid the strengthening and organization of memories. Advantages may include more days off and avoiding peak traffic times when traveling to work.

easa m9 essay

Please send to me all the Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,17 test questions and answer to wtclee yahoo. Anonymous 13 March at Stop and look rationally at the problem. Mohammed Hassan 27 August at All questions, materials etc. Use a detailed check sheet. Physical – such as heat, cold, noise, vibration, presence of something damaging to health e.

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The basic actions in an emergency are to: