If Hinduism has been the religion of the people here for several thousands of years Islam also has been their religion for a thousand years. An academician and a freedom fighter, he was given the charge of the Education Minister for free India. Francis, the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church —. I can never surrender this claim. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Education for National Integration and Secularism One of the cherished objectives of education should be to promote national unity on the basis of a rich diversity of cultures and beliefs.

Azad served as president of the Unity Conference in Delhi, using his position to work to re-unite the Swarajists and the Khilafat leaders under the common banner of the Congress. Azad committed himself to Gandhi’s ideals, including promoting Swadeshi indigenous products and the cause of Swaraj Self-rule for India. Keeping this in view he reorganized the structure and activities of the AICTE and set up advanced research centres in science and technology But I have another equally deep realization. Black Money in India. Amidst communal turmoil following the partition of India, he worked for religious harmony.

Azad tried to convince his colleagues that indifference and hostility towards the Muslims would only make the path to freedom more difficult.

He was put in Meerut jail for a year and a half. He was a scholar thoroughly trained in ij traditional Islamic What ails education system in our sciences, with great intellectual abilities and eloquence of pen and speech. Most revolutionaries in Bengal were Hindus, and many were greatly surprised by his willingness to join the freedom struggle abu, them, while others were skeptical of his intentions.

Azad was president of the Congress Party in and again in —46—though the party was largely inactive during much of his second term, since nearly all of its leadership was in prison.


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But his views changed considerably when he met ethnicist oriented Sunni revolutionary activists in Iraq [14] and was influenced by their fervent anti-imperialism and nationalism. He adopted the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s ideas abull living simply, rejecting material possessions and pleasures.

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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad : Biography, History, Facts and Achievements

Azad became an important national leader, and served on the Congress Working Committee and in the offices of general secretary and president many times. For the Indian photographer, see Abul Kalam Azad photographer.

These letters were never sent to him because there was no permission for that during the imprisonment and after the release inhe gave all these letters to inn friend Ajmal Khan who let it published for the first time in His firm belief in Hindu-Muslim unity earned him the respect of the Hindu community and he still remains one of the most important symbols of communal harmony in modern India.

Humble, lowly paid teachers could easily meet him at his residence. Vision of Tellugu Azad was a strong believer in democracy which he thought will take roots and benefit the masses if education is democratized. Fearing degeneration into violence, Gandhi asked Indians to suspend the revolt and undertook a five-day fast to repent and encourage others to stop the rebellion.

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Institute of Asian Studies. The central government would have Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communication while the provinces would win all other subjects unless they voluntarily relinquished selected subjects to the Central Government.

Although his aubl was overwhelmingly rejected, Azad and a few others agreed that Gandhi and the Congress had not done enough.


Upon his release, Azad returned to a political atmosphere charged with sentiments of outrage and rebellion against British rule. Islam has now as great a claim on the soil of India as Hinduism. He was arrested infor violation of the telufu laws as part of Gandhiji’s Salt Satyagraha.

Numerous institutions across India have also been named in his honour. Making of man Character Building Education should help the individual in realizing his immense potential. Essxy and the League’s separatist agenda was gaining popular support amongst Muslims. Azad spent the final years of his life focusing on writing his book India Wins Freedoman exhaustive onn of India’s freedom struggle and its leaders, which was published in RajagopalachariSarvepalli Radhakrishnanand C.

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If we are not able to make arrangement for the primary education azda thirty million of our children in the age group six- eleven years all our nation building schemes will, ipso facto, become valueless. Retrieved on 7 December When they learnt of Gandhi holding talks with Jinnah in Mumbai inAzad criticised Gandhi’s move as counter-productive and ill-advised.

Abul Kalam Azad

Azad initially evoked surprise from other revolutionaries, but Azad won their praise and confidence by working secretly to organise revolutionaries activities and meetings in BengalBihar and Bombay now called Mumbai.

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essay on abul kalam azad in telugu

Retrieved 14 June Kothari Education Commission also stressed this aim of education. As a young man, Azad composed poetry in Urduas well as treatises on religion and philosophy.