During the vegetation also receives moisture from moist clouds. This page was last edited on 19 May , at Retrieved 6 March The invaders came for “head hunting” and to seek wealth and captives from these tribes and ethnic groups. His wife brewed the beer which he offered to the guests. Mount Saramati at an elevation of 3, Along with other tribal regions of the northeast, the people of Nagaland accepted Christianity.

Aquilaria agallocha Agar is also a endangered species. Many ancient angiosperms and primitive flowering plants are found here and therefore this area is considered as a cradle of flowering plants. In fact, it would not be surprising if, in the coming decades, some wild plants became excellent domesticated vegetables. Most people cultivate rice as it is the main staple diet of the people. Huge churches dominate the skylines of Wokha , Kohima , Dimapur , and Mokokchung.

Our land is marked by natural beauty and serene topography. The Feast given by a wealthier tribes person would be more extravagant. British India soldiers defended the area of Kohima and having lost many of their original force were relieved by British in June In addition, the vegetation also receives moisture from moist clouds roll, through the plants on the mountain sides. Endangered species- both flora and fauna-Nagaland.


According to the census there are 2 million people living in Nagaland. God’s little acre is still virgin and undefiled in small Naga Country. The Government has decided to shift the present Zoological Park to Dimapur at Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary, with a view to introduce many species of animals and birds of warm region. In addition to the above sanctuaries, the other two Wildlife Sanctuaries: The proposal is pending with the G.

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After the independence of India inthe area remained a part of the province of Assam. Guwahati High Court – Kohima Bench. Battle of the Tennis Court. Documents on North-East India: Headhuntinga male activity, would involve separating men from their women before, during and after coming back from an expedition.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

An individual sapling of Azadiracta species grew mm 3’10” in 13 days. Hannibal, the famous general of History is said to have floraa elephants up the Alps of Europe.

essay on flora and fauna of nagaland

After a gap of almost 20 years, Nagaland state Chief Minister, Essy. Nagaland is known in India as the land of festivals. Archived from the original on 1 January Rhododendron is the state flower.

Endangered species- both flora and fauna-Nagaland

For most plant species, there is a essxy season, a dormant season, and in between, a short flowering and fruiting season. Archived from the original on 26 January Winter makes an early arrival and bitter cold and dry weather strikes certain regions of the state. Changing Local Cultures in the Northeast of India. The crux of the memorandum stated that: The predominant species found are Dendrocalamus hamiltonii, Bambusa tulda, Bambusa pallida, Schizostychum dullooa.


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Rajya Sabha 1 Lok Sabha 1. The State is also known to have a great treasure of medicinal plants, orchids, bamboos, canes, bryophytes and animal diversity. Retrieved 18 December Accordingly, the territory was placed under the Nagaland Transitional Provisions Regulation, [30] which provided for an Interim body consisting of 45 members to be elected by tribes according to the customs, traditions and usage fpora the respective tribes.

The source of all animal life is plants. On 4 OctoberG. The state generates When the British inquired Burmese guides about the people living in the northern Himalayas, they were told ‘Naka’. The railway network in the state is minimal.