Didn’t I say I couldn’t imagine a real police inspector talking like that to us? Sybil Birling is Arthur’s wife. Really, the things you girls pick up these days! Many of these quotes, similar to Mr Birling , show that Mrs Birling is a selfish character. She is obsessed with etiquette and her status in society. Mrs Birling is even more uncooperative with the Inspector than her husband, and does not see her actions in dealing with Eva at the charity as significant whatsoever, despite knowing the girls final fate.

In the same way as her husband, her high social standing gives her an inflated, and incorrect sense of her own opinions. She warns the Inspector ‘You have no power to make me change my mind’. She supports charity, but is not very charitable. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Hi there, would you like to get such an essay?

However, the person she is describing in such derogatory terms turns out to be her own son.

essay on sybil birling in an inspector calls

Act 2 An Inspector Calls revision notes. I must say, we are learning something tonight’ Pg She warns the Inspector inspectot have no power to make me change my mind’. Upper-class families would not say ‘tell cook from me’.

Sybil Birling in ‘An Inspector Calls’

Mrs Birling takes the least amount of responsibility for her actions in the play, feeling no remorse at all for what she did. Classist Snob because Eva essay her name. The script says that she ‘triumphantly’ tells everyone how she knew it all along. She is aware of the developments of the night, due to her husband informing her privately, but seemingly unaffected by the gravity of the situation.


Sybil Birling in ‘An Inspector Calls’ – Character analysis in GCSE English Literature

Sybil won’t let anyone boss her around. If the girl’s death is due to anybody, then it’s due to him. Eric, Class or Responsibility: She is quite prepared to put the blame onto the father of the child because she doesn’t know the father is her own son.

Even though Arthur Birling is the head of the family, Sybil is his social superior. We find out that Mrs Birling refused to help Eva Smith when she was pregnant and went to a charity run by Mrs Birling to get help. But I accept no blame ccalls it at all. Sybil Birling is Arthur’s wife. In Act Three, Mrs Birling repeatedly tells everyone birllng already guessed it was a hoax. The word ‘deserving’ was traditionally used to distinguish between the poor who physically can’t help themselves and the sybkl who shouldn’t be helped.

It wasn’t polite to mention the inspechor or lower servants. Without realising it, she condemns her son and demands that her should be made to pay, and to confess publicly.

Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. When you’re married you’ll realise that men with important work to do sometimes have to spend nearly all their time and energy on their business.


essay on sybil birling in an inspector calls

These words suggest she has already put it all behind her. Check it out goo.

essay on sybil birling in an inspector calls

You know him, Gerald – and you’re a man – you must know it isn’t true. Mrs Birling is a very naive character. Oliver Twist and Therese Raquin Essay.

While Mr Birling still possesses a local accent, Mrs Birling speaks in RP English, indicating that she has lived at the top end of the social scale for all of her life, and not had to work her way up like her husband.

This gives Mrs Cals the authority to decide who is ‘deserving’ and who is not. She doesn’t think there is any problem in her family insppector all and all problems exist outside, only seeing what she wants to see.

Go and look for the calks of the child. Master’s or higher degree. She doesn’t learn the Inspector’s message, she only regrets not having ‘asked him a few questions’- she wants to be in control.

In the final moments of the play, Mrs Birling is ‘smiling’ and telling everyone to feels as ‘amused’ as she is by the evening’s events.

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