Cheah, Yvonne Ai Lin Risk-adjusted portfolio performance. Cheng, Hao Lun Centralised data for dialysis patients. Paratuberculosis in bovid contacted soils. Chin, Howard Face recognition based automated student attendance system. Reho, Gobinath Characterisation of montmorillonite on polyvinyl alcohol-starch compound.

Hence, in the Islamic perspectives, homosexuality is considered as illegal, sinful, immoral and harmful to the development of the human well being. Tee, Han Kang Development of a mask sampling method for collection and quantification of mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory droplets. Can perceived benefits and perceived barriers sharpen the theory of planned behaviour? Tang, Puey Hua Utilisation of Sargassum polycystum for removal of malachite green and methylene blue. Wan, Mei Sze Investigation of alternative ingredients for the replacement of fish meal in formulation of feed for Malaysian mahseer fingerlings, Tor Tambroides.

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A study on the influencing factors. According to Malaysia Human Rights, every individual in Malaysia have the right to speak, act and choose what they want as long as it doe not cause harm to other people. Than, Sook Wei Mobile personal utr tracker using tagging technology. Reho, Gobinath Characterisation of montmorillonite on polyvinyl alcohol-starch compound.

A Study of Generation X Consumers. Application for External Final Year Project attachment to be submitted by supervisors: Lim, Dennis Thye Loon Visual reranking using multiple search engines. Attitudes toward homosexuality 33 LaMar, L. Current Students Final Year Project.

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The increasing acceptance of homosexuality in our society is aiding in the 1 2 3 4 5 deterioration of morals. Kee, Cia Hee Dynamic resource monitoring system with dynamic aggregate view. Chin, Wui Keat The roles of human resource management in construction project success.


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Chan, Wei Yang Bioassay-guided isolation of bio-active antibacterial compounds from the leaves of Wedelia trilobata. Evidence from Malaysia Domestic Banks. Log In Sign Up.

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Lim, Pei Sian Knowledge sharing station: Ooi, Yi Min Effect of fenugreek seeds on short term memeory and morphology of cornu ammonis in female mice.

Soo, Zheng May Isolation and characterisation of bacteriophages against Shigella flexneri.

Yap, Eng Hoe Causes of abandoned construction projects in Malaysia. In trading services sector. As from the previous research findings, it indicated that Western culture people were more to independent self-construal, while Eastern culture people were more interdependent self-construal Matsumoto, Hence, the findings from the study can be only use to generalize to Malays and Chinese communities, and Muslim and Thesjs communities in peninsula Malaysia.

All scores for each participant will be sum together after the scores had been reversed and divided into 5 measure scores: Fyo, Chang Sheng Object segmentation based on multi angle images on mobile device. The index of attitudes toward homosexuals 30 years later: It is also required to submit 1 copy of the signed form after HoD signed the form to the respective FYP coordinator.


Cheong, Hui Min Removal of heavy hhesis ions from aqueous solutions onto biomass of Aspergillus niger.

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Lee, Ching Hong Wireless sensor network for precision agriculture. Thang, Lee Yien Synthesis and characterisation of bulk and Alkaline earth metal doped Vanadyl Pyrophosphate catalysts.

Lim, Chee Xuan Temperature reduction in buildings by geothermal air cooling system. The disadvantages associated with internet survey yfp included the potential for the risk of response rate bias and selection bias, and lack of control over the research setting.

I am profoundly thankful to my family for their supports, constant encouragement as well as their kind understanding. Hence, from the Islamic tgesis of views, a homosexual is unforgivable for the act of same sex orientation and should be punish. An Analysis with Shift Share Techniques.

Final Year Project – Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Phang, Ying Ning Synthesis and characterisation of biodegradable superabsorbent polymer derived from sodium alginate. Chia, Isabelle Chai Yuin Multimedia courseware for developing business intelligence. Wan, Jack Wei Application of augmented reality in mobile commerce.