Using the text of the poem to support your ideas, write a journal entry discussing the significance of the title and its relationship to what you already know about Juliet and Pauline from your study of Daughters of Heaven. Affairs are much more exciting than marriages. Owen carefully chooses words to do this. In the shrine scene, Pauline Reiper sits on the ground while Juliet sits next to her on a concrete block. Jackson uses the convention of flash-forward to further shock us at the brutal murder of Honora. Pauline is made memorable by her uniqueness. Owen divides the poem into two verses.

We are stark raving mad. Quotes taken from IMDB. It is so shocking because it becomes real. In the shrine scene, Pauline Reiper sits on the ground while Juliet sits next to her on a concrete block. Learning task 2 Reading the play Daughters of Heaven Understanding key aspects of the play Daughters of Heaven will be enhanced if a variety of approaches are used: Here is another example of a Level One Visual Text essay for you to have a look at. Jackson used sound, point of view camera shots and flash forward to make the viewer feel shocked and horrified by the murder.

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Your presentation will be about an important aspect s in your study of the film Heavenly Creatures and the play Daughters of Heavenalthough your presentation could focus on one text. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This scene is after the murder scene and shows Pauline standing in a crowd of people, reaching towards Juliet who is on a large ship which is slowly pulling gout of harbour.


heavenly creatures essay ncea

Inyour presentation can be assessed against Achievement Standard My name is John. The murder scene is eerily quiet.

How awful it must have been for Honora to watch her daughter, covered in blood, flinging a brick at her own mothers head. Dozens of people are dying all the time, thousands, so why not mother? Level 4 English Units: Jackson used sound, point of view camera shots and a flash-forward to make the viewer feel shocked and horrified by the murder.

Reiper takes Pauline to the psychiatrist Dr. But it is still hard to believe that she will actually carry out her plan.

heavenly creatures essay ncea

Even though the viewers do not want to relate to Pauline at this point the hate Pauline feels towards her mother seems logical as they have already seen how important her relationship with Juliet is.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The technique of essag and high angle shots shows how much Pauline adores Juliet and classes her as the leader of the pair. The teacher then facilitates a controlled discussion by calling upon students to outline why they have taken that particular stance.

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Innocence, imagination, obsession – Heavenly creatures

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. All the best people have bad chests and bone diseases. Stick it up your bottom! Explain why this idea interested you.

heavenly creatures essay ncea

However in the second verse Owen asks the question of what is the point in life among the carnage. I found it frightfully difficult myself until I got the hang of it.


Pauline is made nces by her uniqueness. In what ways is Heavenly Creatures a specifically New Zealand film?

Posted by Unknown at This begins to establish some strong responses from the viewer which are only increased throughout the ncfa. Ralph weeps for the loss of innocence because he is faced with the knowledge of just how crreatures man can be. Pauline and Juliet are sobbing and screaming for each other; and the girls scream as they beat Honorah Parker to death] Juliet Hulme: The viewer also begins to feel a small amount of pity for Pauline as we see her hate for her mother develop.

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This is important because so many soldiers were sent like cattle to their deaths for little gain. The murder is shown to us in a series of point of view camera shots, to shock us by showing the murder from all three characters perspectives. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is customary to stand when addressing a teacher, [pause] Miss Waller: As Mummy can testify.