If kids are forced to do homework, they should be paid for it. So can you really blame us for the dumb thing we did? Can you guess what it is? I like the character Snik. If you’ve ever been to the canyon, our school is south of El Tovar and near Bright Angel. I scope out the scene and it’s obvious who the cool kids are, who the dumb kids are, who the smart kids are, and who the dorks are. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Kids reach an age when they naturally become defiant. Sam Dawkins, grade 5 What did I think of the other kids at my table when I first met them? I hope so, anyway. And he had this very smart-alecky “I hate the world” attitude. Our brains aren’t fully formed yet. I’ve been in Brenton’s class ever since first grade, and he was always smarter than me. Miss Rasmussen, fifth-grade teacher I was so excited, walking into my very own classroom for the first time in September.

We go all the way from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and I believe we have the only high school that is in a macbine park. But if I get into law school I won’t need to sue. Even though you may not have written work to do, you can always review or reread assignments.

Review: The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

I had a hunch after your last reviews on the Hunger Games that you were taking on a style of the book in your review. Kelsey Donnelly, grade 5 The good thing about sitting at Brenton’s table was that you could copy answers off him. I divided the class into six groups of four kids, and we pushed the desks together in those groups.


Just when the D Squad thinks things can’t get any more out of control, Belch becomes much more powerful gutmaj they ever imagined.

homework machine dan gutman summary

Sam Dawkins, grade 5 I’ve always been antihomework, and I’ll tell you why. Kelsey is just an average kid who gets grades just homrwork enough to get her through the year, and desperately wants to be out of school. He never did any homework, and look how he turned out.

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Nobody ever saved a machinne, won a war, stopped a crime, or cured a disease while they were doing homework. When Brenton and his three classmates are assigned to the same study group by their first-year teacher, the others discover that Brenton has created a time-saving gadget to do his homework for him.

Hoework Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He sticks the homework assignment in his backpack like it doesn’t bother him at all.

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By September, most of the tourists have gone back to work and school. I almost felt like nobody should be allowed to be that brilliant.

Do you have any idea of how humiliating this entire ordeal has been for me? I guess his mom made him dress that way. If you’ve ever been to the canyon, our school is south of El Tovar and near Bright Angel.


Told in alternating voices as all the participants make statements to the Grand Canyon Mcahinethe story unfolds in intriguing fashion. Keep track of your daily assignments.

homework machine dan gutman summary

The whole thing started because certain people who shall remain nameless did some thoughtless things that I don’t need to discuss here. Join me on Facebook. Our brains aren’t fully formed yet. Brenton Damagatchi, grade 5 It’s interesting how things happen sometimes. That’s why kids do dumb things sometimes. Judy Douglas, grade 5 Oh, I didn’t like Snik at all in the beginning. Homewprk would never break the law or do anything dishonest.

The Homework Machine

He just looked at me like I was crazy. That’s gifted and talented. Be honest with yourself about how well you study when homfwork TV or stereo is playing.

The class clown, luckily, can define a potential friend from an enemy. If there are charges for this item which you will have to pay, do you still want us to request it for you? The Ten Commandments of Homework 1.

Sam Dawkins, grade 5 What did I think of the other kids at my table when I first met them? Brenton’s mom He was always different, from the moment he was born. Can I get a drink of water or something?