We recommend that you defend your thesis at least one semester before you intend to graduate to ensure your honors thesis does not get buried or end up unfinished in the flurry of activities and requirements that are part of your final semester. This need not be formal, although your committee will likely appreciate it if you provide them with a one- or two-page summary of your proposed work a few days before the meeting; this will allow them time to consider your proposal and offer you valuable guidance. The thesis committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic. Completing an honors thesis is required in order to graduate from the Lee Honors College. If your project involves the use of recombinant or synthetic DNA, or microbiological agents and their products, or life sciences research, you must contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee WMU-IBC at You should definitely have regularly scheduled meetings with your thesis chair.

Another good idea is to check the internet to see if there are faculty at WMU with expertise closely related to your chosen topic. You will be informed what the problems are that must be addressed before the proposal can be reconsidered and are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to the honors college if you need more information. The thesis committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic. According to Lee Honors College alumni, the final product, as well as the thesis process, has been one of the most significant contributors to success after graduation. It is intended to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills developed during your undergraduate studies at WMU. If you wish to include a graduate student advised or supervised by your thesis chair, you may do so, but you must then select an additional committee member who does not work in the research group of your thesis chair. Many employers and admissions committees hold the honors thesis in high regard.

You should plan for your defense to take 1 to 2 hours. This experience should help you to get into professional or graduate school, find a job and excel in your chosen profession.


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Visit the online collection in ScholarWorks to view samples of recent theses and a list yhesis titles going back more than 40 years. If you get stuck, you should ask questions and let your chair know that you are having difficulties – this is not the time to cancel meetings and avoid making eye contact with your chair when you run into them at Biggby.

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While not required of students entering prior to fallit is strongly recommended that those students consider taking this course as well. Faculty will be the most receptive to students who are professional and well prepared.

In most cases, the written thesis is pages long. There are many ways to find a thesis chair. Although this may seem daunting, it is an excellent opportunity for you to develop and improve skills related to tyesis intended profession, or in an area of significant interest to you, with the close guidance of a dedicated team of experts – your thesis chair and committee. Ideally, you should submit smu thesis declaration form at least three semesters before you intend to graduate.

To find a topic, you should reflect on courses, topics in courses, and experiences e. View it as a chance to show off your knowledge, discuss what you might have done differently in retrospect and what you would do honogs you were to continue this project, for example, as a graduate student.

Register for HNRS What should I do? It may be helpful to schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas and thesus with an honors college administrator or advisor.

honors thesis wmu

Thesis Checklist Now that you’ve carefully and thoroughly read through the thesis handbook, bookmark or print out this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during your thesis process! Once you’ve carefully read through the thesis handbook, bookmark this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during the thesis process!

Further information on conducting research with any of the materials listed above can be found on the Biosafety website. You should be able to articulate what interests you about this area of scholarship and why you would like to pursue an honors thesis related to wmk. Frequently Asked Questions Why should I do an honors thesid


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Explore these ideas with some additional reading and conversations with other students, staff and faculty. The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, including the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. This paper should address why you made the choices you made for your creative project and a self-evaluation of the final product along with any other information you wish to include, as well as any additional writing required by your thesis advisor.

Once you have decided on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form. Files must be less than 2 MB. Choose your thesis committee chair in your junior year Once you have settled on a preliminary topic, the next step is to identify a thesis committee chair also sometimes referred to as the thesis mentor or advisor.

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This online course is designed to assist you in successfully navigating and completing the honors thesis and will provide you with many tools to help facilitate your work.

According to Lee Honors College alumni, the hoors product, as well as the thesis process, has been one of the most significant contributors to success after graduation. It may be that your topic will be difficult to research, or that there is already a great deal of work that has been done in that area.

In general, it will take at least a semester of dedicated work to complete your thesis. It is never too early to begin thinking about a thesis topic!

Leave honros field blank. For example, a traditional research paper, a public performance, a work of art, a design thesos, a business plan or educational curriculum may be completed for the honors thesis. It may also be helpful for these students to take HNRS Please also visit the requirements page of this website for more detailed information on subbing a course.