And that’s why I know you did not write this note, Henry. The traumatic experience motivates them to work together to save Ashton Primary. Great Aunt Greta has something else in mind for Henry to try out. Na-na-na, na na na! Recalling Miss Battle-Axe’s early admonitions and using “Oh Henry, you horrid boy” as a mnemonic device , he correctly spells “homework” with two “o”s for the first time. Looking forward to the show? Hold up, snot face.

Then there’s my wormy little brother, Peter, and his annoying cello. But none ofthat matters now, Henry. I can’t believe you peanut brains didn’t think ofthat. Normally I would be. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock 3: Even ifthat horrid boy does win the cash prize, it will be too late.

So she can pay the school inspectors not to close our school. Do you know how stuck-up you sound? But I have a plan.

horrid henry homework haze

I knew you could do it! Shouldn’t be just like Michael Price Lester Barnes uncredited. Which I am, Jimmy.

The next little bit might be a bit harder, seeing as you’ve never done any. We’re gonna jam all night We’ll be getting on down To the morning light We’ll be fooling around But with my homework I’m stuck here again I homeworrk be on the stage, gonna entertain Why does homework always get you down, down, down?


Miss Battle-Axe, is that you?

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Miss Oddbod, the headteacher, and a pair of school inspectors walk in on their rehearsal. With Henry in detention, his friends join him to practice for a talent contest.

The Movie United Kingdom theatrical release poster. Naze way too busy. Normally I would be. I think I can see it! Why have we got to save the school? My snakes have escaped! Gonna be a big star See my name in lights Gonna play my guitar Gonna play hae night Gonna go to town My friends and me Driving in a big car Back in time for tea But my homework is waiting for me There’s no escape and no TV Why does homework always get you down, down, down?

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You’re only the second contestant ever to win 2 Cool 4 School. No, I can’t do it.

horrid henry homework haze

I’m the backbone ofthe school. Tell no-one, till I’ve found out homewor. Call yourselves school inspectors? Which one ofthese is not a nutritious snack? That’ll never hit me. If you used the excuse, the cat ate your homework, I’m not gonna make us all late, Mum.


We’ve been waiting for you. One, two, three, four.

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She gave it to me. It’s the money Henry won on 2 Cool 4 School. You can all go home early. This is not fair. Looks like we’ve got company. I understand perfectly, thank you.

horrid henry homework haze

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