Together, together, together everyone Together, together, come on lets have some fun Together, were there for each other every time Together together come on lets do this right. Troy and Gabriella appear during the second half of the show and sing their duet together, redoing Jimmie and Sharpay’s understudied reprise. MovieGuide has also favorably reviewed the film, strongly recommending it for the family as “fun, clean and full of energy” and describing it as “thin on plot” yet nevertheless “a phenomenon. The London premiere was the biggest London premiere of all time. Breakthrough Performance Female Vanessa Hudgens.

And 16 March in Latin America. Archived from the original on Peter Johnson of The Guardian describes the film as so bland that it “makes cellophane taste like chicken jalfrezi “, and says that “the sheer squeaky-cleanness of everything is creepy, and when the characters are called upon to dance, they do so with robotic efficiency, and sing in that decaffeinated high vibrato, like 21st-century Hollywood castrati. When Troy and Gabriella are on the roof Troy says he has never been to a dance before let alone a prom but in High School Musical 2 there is a scene where Troy is in his room talking to his dad and there is a picture on his nightstand of Troy and Gabriella at a school dance. Great Debuts for ‘Les Mis,’ ‘Django ‘ “. The Telegraph praised the changes brought about by the higher budget of a theatrical release:

Outstanding Achievement Award Kenny Ortega. Entertainment Weeklyon the other hand, was very positive towards the film, praising the stars’ energy: As she enters the cafeteria-scenery again, the jacket disappears.

This page was last edited on 6 Mayat Chad then asks Taylor to go to prom with him with a cheesy pick-up line. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Zac Efron was quoted in People Magazine as saying, “I can tell you that if the script is good and if we all agree on a final script, then there’s nothing that is going to hold us back from doing it.


At the half, Troy rallies his team with, ” Now or Never “, and with an assist from a new freshman team member, Jimmie “Rocket-man” Zara, the Wildcats win the Championship. Seeing his friends laughing, he believes they gave his name to Juilliard.

hsm3 graduation speech

After that, Troy and Chad steal Jimmie and Donnie’s clothes while they are showering, thus leading through a big chase through the halls of East High and gradyation the auditorium and Ms. However, this sheet music shown is only a vocal score and has no piano chords written on it so there is no way Ryan would’ve known how to play the song.

You can see the difference in a later scene. Senior Year received generally mixed to positive reviews from critics. She initially refuses, but later relents gradustion Chad proves he can put in some effort and asks again in front of everyone in school during lunch. As “Rocketman” talks to Troy just before home room, his hair changes in front of face, away from face, in front again between shots.

Taylor reveals that she will be attending Yale University with honors to study Political Science, and Sharpay and Speecy revealed they would attend the University of Albuquerqueto study Performing Arts and for basketball, respectively.

The bag Tiara hands to Sharpay with graduatlon coffee inside is clearly empty; when Sharpay takes it she flicks it to look inside and there is obviously nothing inside.

hsm3 graduation speech

Kelsi and Ryan start out the show followed by a couple other numbers; Jimmie then performs with Sharpay, both as understudies for Troy and Gabriella, and embarrasses her, although the audience applauds the grraduation. A second later, he was standing in the same height as everyone else.

It goes back and forth several times. In the final scene when Chad and Taylor come up to dance he has a basketball in his hands.

We’re All In This Together (Graduation Version)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram stated that the latest installment was “critic-proof” and “everything fans could hope for and more. Tiara Gold enters the same classes as Sharpay despite being in the year below. Troy dances through the corridors at night. We xpeech fun making these movies and that’s very rare in this business.


Hsm3 graduation speech

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Whatever the price, he’s still perceived as a steal. Darbus, notices the lack of sign-ups and Sharpay suggests a one- woman show.

hsm3 graduation speech

Retrieved 26 December When Troy and Gabriella are on the roof Troy says he has never been to a dance before let alone a prom but in High School Musical 2 there is a scene where Troy is in his room talking to his dad and there is a picture on his nightstand of Troy and Gabriella at a school dance.

Troy has pictures of the two of them on the board in his room which wpeech see faintly when he just found out Gabriella isn’t coming back.

We’re All In This Together (Graduation Version) – High School Musical 3 –

Sharpay finally learns how it feels to be manipulated and humiliated, but nevertheless does not wish to go down. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. When he jumps against the wall, you can see many dark footprints, from previous graduaion.

We’re all in this together Once we know That we are We’re all stars And we see that We’re all in this together And it shows When we stand Hand in hand Make our dreams come true.